1. Dnbucket88

    Need Urgent help

    Hello friends, I have a website Domainglo for a keyword "Blog Name Generator" . Yesterday the rank of this this keyword for my domain was 9 on Google and now today morning it has went down to 53. I don't understand what happened. This website usually remained on number first page. 1st time it...
  2. Chris Worner

    What is canonical URL in SEO?

    Can anyone tell me what is canonical url in SEO? Do I really need canonical URL on my page? or when do I need to use it? Any help?
  3. macfais

    Does Repeated Phrase or Sentence in a Post Affect SEO?

    Hello. I am making a post related to math tutorials. In my post, I am discussing about procedures on how to solve something. I have five different case or situation in which they have almost the same procedures. What happened is that I have phrases, sentences, or even paragraphs which are...
  4. Mujkanovic

    An Introduction to Mobile SEO

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies are already quite used in the development of web sites for the purpose of achieving a good positioning in the search mechanisms and attract more visitors. SEO for mobile follows the same logic of the traditional, however the browsing on smartphones is...
  5. ray_ray

    VPS for SEO Automation Tools

    What VPS is good for SEO Automation Tools?
  6. David Beroff

    Are internal links really important for SEO?

    Hi everyone, I want to create many internal links between posts on my blog posts, that will consume more time but if it will help SEO then it is a worth investement. Do you think that internal links will help SEO or not? can it improve SEO rankings?
  7. hmsnaveen95

    Off-page SEO tricks?

    Hi there! I want now to know SEO Off-page Tricks? and How many months it will take to get 1st-page rank in search engine? Tell some tricks Off-page Submission Activities especially in Classifieds and bookmarking!
  8. Mujkanovic

    SEO for coupon website?

    I am building a coupon website where will offer coupon codes for people want to have discounts when buying domain names, web hosting plans...etc. The hardest thing I am facing is, how can I SEO for type of this website to get organic traffic?
  9. David Beroff

    What SEO strategies work best for you?

    Every SEO people use same SEO methods but sometimes they like using their own SEO strategies and they gave them different results. What about you?What SEO strategies work best for you? Which do you prefer working with the most?
  10. RyalJam

    Potential CMS for website design for SEO?

    Which is the Potential CMS nowadays for website design for seo point of view, please share your view ?
  11. technbyte

    50% Discount on Shared Hosting | SSD Powered | Free SSL | CloudFlare | Softaculous | SEO Tool

    technbyte submitted a new product: 50% Discount on Shared Hosting | SSD Powered | Free SSL | CloudFlare | Softaculous | SEO Tool - Secure, affordable & hassle free Shared Web Hosting Read more about this product...
  12. Chris Worner

    SEO tips for using h1 and h2 tags on your website?

    Do you hear about SEO benefits of using h1 and h2 tags on a website? If yes, how to use them on our website effectively for SEO?
  13. OnaDavney

    How to have a good hosting that good for SEO?

    Can anyone tell me how to have a good hosting that good for SEO? I heard more about terms web hosting SEO, optimize hosting for SEO but I don't know how to have a good hosting for SEO though. Can you guide me?
  14. john-mth

    What are good techniques to do global SEO?

    Hello, What are good techniques to do global SEO, mostly need to target (US,CA,UK,AU)? Thanks
  15. Mujkanovic

    Longer meta description for better SEO?

    As I read then Google shows around 300 (max 320) characters in the search results since November last year. So, I should change my website meta descriptions around 300 characters, that will help my SEO better? Honestly my current descriptions only have around 160 characters and I think if I...
  16. vps6

    Name some SEO blogs that you frequently read?

    Name some SEO blogs that you frequently read?
  17. technbyte

    Need a On Page SEO Checklist

    Hello, I'm working on search engine optimization of our Business Website. It's on IT Services niche. I have collected some On Page SEO Checklist. Working on those. But looking for some tips from SEO Experts. As this is a popular forum on the Web, I guess there are many SEO professionals here...
  18. trendjing

    Is it reasonable to hire someone to do my SEO?

    I am just wondering if should I really hire a professional to do my SEO or can I do it myself? I am thinking not to go over budget for this. Can a Youtube tutorial be good enough to create my SEO?
  19. CookieRunner

    SEO: How important is this Online?

    Hi, I am relatively new with working online and I always see SEO as a fad in the Online Market. I am interested to know what this is all about. How does it work and how it can help me.
  20. Ctstrphy

    What is SEO and why is it needed?

    Hello, a bit of a newbie question here. If I am in the wrong thread please do inform me so I can delete or hopefully inform moderators to move this topic. I want to create a website and I always hear and read that I need SEO to have a successful site. What is it and what does it really do...