How to build a business - (Creating your business map)

Adam Yunker

Nov 4, 2015
Hey Guys!

So I've been doing some thinking and I think I came across my personal formula for creating a business. This formula can be used whether it's an online or offline business, but since this is an "online forum" I'll use examples of it being online.

This kind of conjoins with my other post yesterday (if you read that) about "The 3 keys you need to starting a business."

The first thing you need to do is find out what kind of business are you going to have and what is your business?

- So this is as basic as it seems, but what is your business? Let's say you have an IT company that works over the computer and fixes viruses.

The second thing you need to know is what is special about your business?

- You don't have to be different from everyone out there, but you have to be the ABSOLUTE BEST at it. Let's say you have your IT company and you're special because you offer great customer service. I'm sure there's another IT company that is special because they have great customer service. So you have to have the BEST customer service out of everyone. This is what you should constantly be up thinking about.. asking yourself "How can I improve our customer service?" over and over again. YOU NEED TO BE THE BEST!

The third thing is you need to have that TANGIBLE goal.

- This is what I like to say "Something you can measure with a yardstick" or something you can see, smell, and feel. This is your direct ending point so make it big. Maybe you have that online IT company that offers GREAT customer service and your tangible goal is to have a 24/7 shop where anyone can stop and get their problem fixed within 24 hours GUARANTEED.

**This is where it gets different from yesterdays post**

Now that you know all those it is time to create a ladder for your to go from your online exclusive IT company to building a 24/7 store to have any computer problem fixed within 24 hours.

So create small steps to get to your BIG tangible goal. Usually there'll be anywhere from 2-4 steps (depending how big the goal is).

It'll look something like this:
- Be an online exclusive IT company
- Local (in person) IT service company where you stop by there houses.
- Then create an IT shop.
- Then create the 24/7 IT shop that will fix your problem within 24hrs.

Once you've built your "tangible" goal (like the 24/7 IT shop) now it is time to expand and start building these shops all over the nation/world.

Then once you've built a HUGE company you can then use the power you built behind yourself to do something massive and change the world. Like get into projects to fix global warming, help cure AIDS, whatever it may be that you would like to do.


So this is my outline of how I've been thinking to build a company. This is my map that I create. I used to be a fan of the online passive income strategies, but in my opinion the idea of building a huge company like this and doing these crazy things is a lot more fun and really gets me excited :)

Maybe this helped you. It was just something I've been thinking about and figured maybe some of you thought about it too.

With all that being said, I appreciate the time and hope you have a great day!

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