1. Bryan McClure

    Group permissions like forums for Wordpress website?

    I am looking for a plugin for my Wordpress website which can help me to set permissions for users who can read or not a post depending on their permissions based on Group. What plugin can do this job?
  2. Kaz Wolfe

    Forum or Forums in URL?

    I want to move my forum running at root domain to sub folder like this to or but i don't know which one is better name, forum or forums? which one is suitable to you and correct?
  3. Joseph_Hill

    Do you check your profile page on forums?

    I have a small forum running IPB, there is an addon that a web developer offering me to use for my forum and that will help member to improve their profile page look better. I wanted to buy it but not sure my members will use it or they care what on their profile page or not. I would add your...
  4. BillEssley

    forum or forums?

    I am starting a new forum for helping newbies about their Wordpress site but the problem is I want to choose a domain that including word "forum" in it, that will tell exactly what my site is about, I'm being confused should I have forum or forums on the domain? What are better and good for me...
  5. RedTreeHill2

    What do you think of advances in forums and blogs?

    As the Internet has rapidly grown, social media sites like forums and blogs such as this one have increased in number and technological advances. What do you think of how blogs and forums have grown over the years? We know have features like live video chatting and can instantly copy a video or...
  6. wittwerch

    Google Adwords or Forums for advertising web hosting services?

    Hi All, I would like to know which is the best one among these 2 type of advertising that helping increasing traffic for web hosting companies. Google Adwords or Forums for advertising web hosting services. Which is better, affective and save money?
  7. energizedit

    Do customers search for hosting on forums?

    I'm really curious if you've ever signed a customer who found through searching forums. Me personally I search google and go from there. I have had a lot of fraudulent sign ups I'm sure were from forums I've posted in. Anyone have good luck getting clients from forums?
  8. Julio

    sorry can't find the suggestion forums

    Hello, Sorry I can't find the suggestion forum. I subscribe to my post I make at web hosting forum and when I click on the link to take me to my post the page shows blank. On 2 different emails is the samething happening.
  9. aixporter

    Banner exchange with my forums

    aixporter submitted a new resource: Banner exchange with my forums - Banner exchange with my forums Read more about this resource...
  10. paulgl

    Why do some forums rank so well on Bing & Yahoo but not Google?

    Have you noticed how some forums will rank on first page of Bing & Yahoo for any search terms but not rank highly at all on Google? How does this happen?
  11. aceofadsense

    Blogs vs Forums: which gives you better traffic?

    For increasing traffic to my site, I am using three methods, these are forums, blogs and social networks, but I am getting confused when I couldn't measure the traffic to my site from these sources, as your experience, which source for better traffic? I am feeling it's more easier to get traffic...
  12. Harry P

    WTB Banner on Web Hosting Websites or Forums

    Harry P submitted a new resource: Banner on Web Hosting Websites or Forums - Banner on Web Hosting Websites or Forums Read more about this resource...
  13. MidnightAngel

    Any good free forums that can use SEO?

    I'm wondering if there are any free forums, that you don't have to pay for, and still use SEO with them. I've heard that with free forums, using SEO doesn't really work. I'd rather not pay for a forum in order to apply SEO to it? Any suggestions or ideas?
  14. Prodigy

    Blogs with forums

    I had been contemplating for a year now about doing a blog with my forum..... Is the idea better to use a separate domain(I own like 10 lmao) OR use the blog as a subdomain? I heard blogs can help with traffic and what not. My reasoning for using a separate domain as to let the forum be the...
  15. Danlucy

    Promotion on popular Internet marketing forums?

    Hey guys have you ever tried for promoting on popular Internet marketing forums like webmastersun? What are the benefits when doing forum marketing? Please share your experience. Thanks
  16. Patrick0

    Is there a reason to make forums if most of my favorite Niche's are over-done?

    I love creating websites. I love art. I love video games I love video production. Mainly, those are my hobbies but I can't justify the time creating them if no one will come talk to me on it. I know this is a very generic questions, but taking these passions what kind of specific niche...
  17. paulgl

    How to find dofollow backlinks from forums and blogs via Google?

    I have read posts from members here and dofollow backlinks are useful for increasing ranking for my site. I want to know there are easy ways to find dofollow forums and blogs from Google? what are you experience and how did you find quality backlinks for your blog?
  18. David Braybrooke

    How to earn through forums?

    Are there any ways to earn by starting forum site or joining a forum for selling products or services. If yes then what are right ways? Please share your tips!
  19. Hsin The YA Book forums (Feedback Wanrted)

    So I am new here :) I recently have upgraded my site to IPB4 and while I am still learning the new software and tweaking, I was hoping to get some feedback. Not an actual review but initial thoughts. Many thanks
  20. MrGravyCakes

    Is Grammar in Forums Important?

    In your opinion, is grammar important in forums? I make mistakes, as everyone does, but I try my best to have good grammar. Just so you know, what I mean by this question is, do forum topics need to have capital letters at the beginning of the sentence. Should posts all be grammatically correct...