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    WTS Domain name for selling: 999templates[dot]com - Registered in 2012 submitted a new resource: Domain name for selling: 999templates[dot]com - Registered in 2012 - Domain name for selling: 999templates[dot]com - Registered in 2012 Read more about this resource...
  2. Rodney

    How to choose a good domain name for your business

    Here are some tips on how to choose a good domain name for your business. 1. Most Important: Your domain should be easy to spell and easy to pronounce, and easy to remember. 2. Avoid this: Avoid making your domain too much the same as other domains, nor violating other trademarks...
  3. lisa

    Singular vs Plural, Which Domain Name I Should Pick?

    I am going to buy a domain for offering my web products on it But I don't know which one I should choose. For examples, 2 domain names like that: MyProduct(.)com and MyProducts(.)com, and Which one would be best in your view? which one will you vote? - the singular or the plural...
  4. mark

    How to get Domain name

    Hi, I want to purchase a new domain name. I want to ask from where I can purchase new domain name and are they available if I get into trouble. I also want all popular extensions with domain name . Please help.:)
  5. mark

    How to sell a domain name

    I have a dot com domain name which a bought few year late. Now I want to sell it .how can It best price for it .can I also go for auction. Anyone please tell.
  6. anand123

    Domain name registration?

    How to select domain names and can any one tell me which is the best place to register domain name?
  7. RobinYork

    WTS Hosting related domain name. (.tld: .cheap)

    RobinYork submitted a new resource: Hosting related domain name. (.tld: .cheap) - Hosting related domain name. (.tld: .cheap) Read more about this resource...
  8. madhura89

    what is ICANN role in domain name processing?

    Hello webmasters Domain names are very much essential .ICANN control the domain names on internet. There are various roles and responsibility for ICANN.Please share your knowledge about this.
  9. Laviskajoermoy

    Domain Name and Internet Marketing

    Does it really matter whatever domain name I wish to pick? How it will affect my internet marketing, please suggest..
  10. Laviskajoermoy

    How and where to sale domain name?

    Other than GoDaddy is there any place to sale domain name and can get higher price for that? It would be better for me If I find some good list, thanks.
  11. Starfire

    Tips on Choosing a Good Domain Name

    In the steps to build a website, choosing domain name for the website is one of the first things to do and play an important role , affecting the effectiveness of the website later. I want to show you some tips when choosing domain name for your website. 1. Keywords for domain First, you...
  12. dether

    Benefits of having your own domain name

    Still wondering about whether or not to buy a domain name? Wait no longer. There are great benefits in having a quality domain name. A business card only goes so far but a website opens your company's door to potential clients across the globe twenty-four hours a day. An effective domain name...
  13. Dmoz

    How important is the domain name age?

    As I knew then Google consider domain age as an important factor to search engine rankings and filtering spams. And it's true when I saw more website with domain names older rankings better than on SERPs. What do you think about importance of domain name age ? Any thoughts ?
  14. Tommy

    How to choose good domain name for your business

    Choose a domain name for your business is very important in internet marketing. A good domain will help you expand your brand and increase sales. Here's some simple tip to choose a good domain name for your business. 1. Don't register a long domain names, limit it from 5 to 8 characters in your...