domain name

  1. Bryan McClure

    Can I use my own domain name with blogger and

    I want to build some small blogs with blogger and but using my own domains. It is possible to point my domains to use free blogs from bloggers and as I am checking with they are offering Personal package $2.99 per month, billed yearly. Should I use...
  2. bknights

    How to check domain name history

    Hello, Is there anyway of checking history of a domain? I wanted to purchase a .com domain name which I am sure it is available on the market. I am asking this because I want to develop it become a big website but the history of a website is one of things related to domain history, I don't...
  3. Mihai B.

    How to calculate value of a domain name?

    I've just bought a new domain for starting a new niche site. I would like to know what factors calculate or determine value of a domain name?
  4. I Forgot

    Domain name extensions?

    Hello everyone, I just heard that there are more tlds coming out. like .community .hosting .io .directory .design .store ... etc What are these tlds? or can any one get whatever he wants? for example . john ! more explanation about this tlds would really be appreciated. Thanks
  5. melanymaldena

    How to choose a domain name for your business

    Hi, What do you take into account when choosing your domain name for your business? Do you go for ease for remembering for users? Do you try and get a similar one to a high traffic one? Do you stick only to .com or .net? Do you choose short domain names only?
  6. CyberAlchemist

    Lowest cost to renew a domain name?

    From your experience, what is the lowest cost to renew a domain name? I have some domains at Godaddy and had to renew $13.9 for each one. I suppose that it will have more companies offering cheaper out there. Can anyone recommend a company where I can renew my domains for MUCH CHEAPER?
  7. Harry P

    What is a parked domain name?

    Hello, What is a parked domain name and how can I monetize with it? Have you guys earned money online from parked domain names?
  8. aceofadsense

    can I get high rankings with .CO domain name?

    I would like to register a .CO domain for some niche blogs but wondering I can get high rankings with it name on search engines? Does domain extension affect SEO rankings? Your help would be appreciated.
  9. professorrosado

    Creating A Good Domain Name

    Is it best to create a good original name for a site or better to use keywords for a domain?
  10. lkovnih226

    Selling a domain name with or without content?

    What is your opinion, what should I do when selling a domain name with our without content? which is easy to offer domain name to buyers? Should I create with a small website on it or some landing pages and starting offers?
  11. Harry P

    WTB Need a Wordpress domain name

    Harry P submitted a new resource: Need a Wordpress domain name - Need a Wordpress domain name Read more about this resource...
  12. azisurrehman

    Top on Redirection of Domain Name

    my website had been offline for one month. It was redirected to another domain name by a theif. Is there any possibility that it can get its original traffic ( e.g. it was 10k daily pages before redirection) NOW?
  13. ElissaRTR

    Is long domain name SEO friendly?

    Hi everyone I am going to start a helpful blog site, but confused about domain name. Is long domain name SEO friendly and easy to get ranked higher competitors? Please suggest me.
  14. GarryKerr

    What is too long for a micro niche domain name?

    I am starting a micro niche site that I have just purchased a long tail domain name. It's rather long with exactly 30 characters but as my analytics, it is getting a good amount of monthly searches hence I can be easy to rank it on SERPs. In your personal opinion, 30 characters then it's too...
  15. LizaAryanna

    What and How to find Domain Authority of a domain name?

    Hi guys, what is Domain Authority and also, I want a tool that can show me domain authority list from a domain name? are there any way to do that, please suggest me Thanks
  16. HostNurse

    Redirecting Old Domain Name to a New Domain Using 301 Permanent Redirect

    If you are looking to re-brand your business with a new domain name while preserving your current domain/website ranking and traffic, then you will need to use 301 permanent redirect. The following are the steps that you need to do to redirect your a domain name to a new one: 1. Transfer...
  17. S

    Adding WWW before domain name

    Hello friends, I have keyword rank of some keywords within 20, but the link of my blog posts on that keywords will show without WWW. I added WWW after 3 months. Does these changing affect my keyword ranking after crawling ?
  18. TinPete

    The Age of a Domain Name in SEO?

    Do you suppose that the age of domain name is important for SEO? I heard that past age and future age also need to be considered if you want to get higher rankings in SERPs, right? I.e I should renew my domain from 2 years instead of 1 year, it will be more benefit for SEO what do you guys...
  19. crespy

    Hyphen in Domain Name?

    I don't know if I buy a domain with hyphen in it, it's good or bad for SEO? for example: With no hyphen and with hyphen Do you think it will affect to user experience when they see my domain?
  20. Marc0

    How to Secure Your Domain Name

    Are there any ways to secure my Domain Name. I'm owning more domains at this time, I'm afraid someone can steale my domain if I don't have any protections for domains. I'm sure more people will care this but they haven't got the best solutions for secure their domains yet. What is your advice?