domain name

  1. David Beroff

    Why domain name price is different at different domain registrars?

    I would like to buy a .hosting domain name for building a web hosting tutorial blog and I checked this domain extension at and, both are different, Namesilo is offering $329 while is offering $599. This is making me confusing and this price is too high for me...
  2. Mujkanovic

    Things to keep in mind when choosing a domain name for your business?

    Who would have thought how difficult it would be to choose a domain name these days especially with all the newly available extensions! Are you ready to ignore .com extension and go with other extensions? I am working around the words "web design" but I think that's a bit too broad? Should I...
  3. exa-edward

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  4. exa-edward

    .BLOG Domain Name Registration $10 only!

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  5. exa-edward

    .COM Domain Name Registration $3.99 only

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  6. LPTechs

    Transferring a Domain Name

    When you are transferring a Domain name from one registrar (a place where you have bought the registration for your website name) to another, you need to follow these steps: 1. Confirm the place where you have your domain registerred at 2. Contact your registrar and ask them to make sure...
  7. carolinasky

    How do you know you have chosen an eye catching Domain name?

    I would think you would name your Domain according to the line of sales or business you are marketing or marketing to. As a small business owner I think a Domain name that goes with the name of my company. Do you think it depends on what you do such as owning a small local business, web hosting...
  8. David Beroff

    Can I run www with a sub domain name?

    I created a sub domain name to test a website before publishing it to online. I could run but I could not run Is it possible to run www with a sub domain name?
  9. carolinasky

    Can you get a Domain name without costing or low cost?

    In my experience with Websites, I normally use a free site that gives the option to purchase a Domain name. I have tried several over the years some of the sites have let me build and use the site for a while then I get locked out. this has happened twice. I have checked into other places and...
  10. Cristof

    Where can I get a Domain name?

    I know domain name will make easy for me to navigate on different web pages and servers. But I don't how and where can I get one. And how can I make sure it is legit or secure?
  11. ForwardWeb

    Only $14.97 for your first year of cPanel Web Hosting with FREE DOMAIN NAME and SSL’s!

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  12. ringgoleonor

    Advises for creating domain name?

    I was planning to get my own domain name for my blog its just that I just want to make sure of the things that I'll be doing. I'm looking forward for some tips and advises here, thanks!
  13. trendjing

    Buying a Domain Name Even Without a Website?

    I have a blog at Wordpress and I was thinking of saving a domain name of my own before somebody else take it, but I was also wondering if should I get a domain name even without creating a website? Should the 2 come together if I'm planning to have my own blog site?
  14. jessica30

    Domain name business

    Hello every- one,am new in this wonderful forum,and I want someone to teach me how to go about buying and selling of domain names. I heared it is a very lucrative business,If any kind hearted member can put me through ,I will be very glad.Any pointer to a site that teaches will be higherly...
  15. argel241

    Looking for Cheap Domain name

    Any recommendation for a good domain name?And where I can find a website where I can buy cheap domain names.How much it cost and is it really worth it.Thanks in advance.
  16. argel241

    Can I set up an Online business without a website or Domain name?

    Since E-commerce is one of a great way to make money nowadays, you need to invest your time and money in order to be successful here.And the first thing to consider is having your own website, right?But is it possible to start E-business without any website?How?
  17. Maliaca22

    How many domain name does one have?

    I was wondering if i will also pay for a the second domain name in order for someone else not to use my version of .net of my domain. What if am not going to use it again is there any need for it?
  18. jkeypad

    Getting a domain name on the popular search engines

    Hi,I am looking how to get a good domain name site firstly and also how to get this domain name site to be popular on the main search engines like google and yahoo please?
  19. pizzalover

    Can Anyone register a domain name?

    I am new at this and I want to know if anybody can register a domain name no matter where you are. If I don't live in the United States can I register a domain name? even If I live in Latin America?. What you know about this?.
  20. JOED77

    Where do big companies register their domain name?

    I have always wondered, where companies like Facebook, Google, or Snapshot register their domain name, at least when they first started, knowing that most of them have several web hosting services now.