How much money you will spend for a niche project?


Jan 23, 2015
I would start a niche project start from $350 for all elements to build a site to sell products/services on it and of course generating revenue monthly after 3 months. what do you guys think?

How much money is perfect for a niche project? start from $20 , $50, $100 or more than that?

As I know, for the budget under $100 then it is not possible for people who don't know more about SEO or having good SEO skills. I would like to say they should not try any niche project or have to invest more. Agree with me? thoughts?


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Nov 19, 2015
If you're totally new to blogging, you will need a course that teaches you how to do everything -- from $47 and up, web hosting (where the content for your site is stored) -- about $10 per month. You will need an auto responder (e-mail marketing/list building) -- can usually get the first month for cheap, then the price goes up depending on how many subscribers you have. The one I use (Aweber) charges like $19 or $20 a month (after the first month trial thing) for up to 500 subscribers. It goes up from there. With that said, you can hold off on this until your site starts getting some traffic.

Finally, you will need some products to review (if you're doing affiliate marketing). For this, I recommend that you start out in a niche market that you already know something about and one in which you already own some products. This will help you to save from having to buy stuff (if physical products). If you plan to promote digital products (like from Clickbank), you can usually just go to the affiliate page and contact the vendor to ask for "review access" -- our way of asking for stuff for free. All you have to do is tell them you want to review it for your site. 9/10 times, they will give you access.

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