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  1. Surf Hosting

    Surf Hosting LLC | Path.net DDoS Protection - NVMe SSD - Eco Friendly | ⚡ 24/7 Support 2024-06-24

    Uptime / Node Stats: https://status.surfhosting.co Discord: https://discord.gg/surfhosting Website: https://surfhosting.co
  2. Rzarcasm

    What is my web host doing to cause this?

    When installing scripts or navigating pages fast, my website goes to a 403 page and does not let me in for like 4-5 seconds. This repeats. I asked them about this, and they don't give me a straight answer. Here is another example, simply navigating pages fast...
  3. R

    HELP! I’m looking for a web host!!

    Hi guys! So I’m at a loss! I currently use a domain through GoDaddy. Although the website aspect I have few complaints about, their online shop to list inventory to sell online is booty. So the company I work with does a lot with designs (ours and/ or yours). From 32 different tshirt colors...
  4. Pocomaster

    What is the difference between a Data Center and a Web Host?

    What is the difference between a Data Center and a Web Host?
  5. HostColor

    Do you ask web host what kind of infrastructure do they use?

    This is a question to website owners, but I guess that providers' representatives can also join. The question is: When some providers claim to offer you any web hosting service advertised as "The Best", "Top" or though any other superlative, do you ask them what kind of underlying serves and...
  6. D

    What to Look for in a Web Host?

    Hello! What is the most important thing to look in a Web host ? I am sure there are many things to look for but which ones should have priority over others ? Is it speed , security, uptime ? Let me know in the comments, please. Thank you.
  7. vps6

    Have you been happy with your web host?

    What keeps you staying? Let's talk about this please!
  8. brenz2000

    What are the considerations in choosing web host?

    Hello, I want to make my own website for my blog and looking for a trusty web host. There are many web host in the internet how should I know the best for me as a new blogger? Any advice about it guys...
  9. Geoffrey095

    How much do you pay for a Web Host?

    Based from what I learn here Web Host usually cater services to people who owns or wants to own a website. People usually pay for these services and web hosts earn money thru this. So as a person who wants to own a business what rate should we expect if we want to avail this kind of service? Is...
  10. pizzalover

    What are the top questions we need to ask to a web host?

    I don't know what are the principals or most important questions we need to ask to a web host. I know that we should ask about the reliability of their network, How long have been in this business, and what experience their technicians and leaders have. But, what else I should ask to...
  11. JOED77

    Which web Host Company Accept Bitcoin?

    I have some Bitcoins Lying in different wallets all around the internet, I want to make use of them, so I decided to buy any service a hosting company would offer for Bitcoin. Where lies Bitcoin currency in the hosting industry?
  12. Reyansh

    Which web host is affordable and right for my own special requirements?

    I am a technical person, but for this project I do not want to set everything up. I would like to just use forms and focus on the content. I am thinking a good solution would be something that is for non-technical people. I want to migrate my website to a different provider. My current...
  13. DanTheWebMan907

    Recommend US based VPS Web Host?

    My current web host is being bought out. Not sure I like the company that bought them out. Can anyone recommend a VPS web host that... - Is based in the US - Has US support - Has phone support - Has really smart support staff - Reasonable price - Great on security - Offers solutions...
  14. Adminandie

    What Do You Look For In A Good Web Host?

    Hello, I am currently in the process of building a web hosting website on a dedicated server in the US. I want to provide my customers with the best of the best. So far, I offer both post2host and paid Shared, Reseller, Master Reseller and Alpha Reseller hosting. My prices range from $2.99 to...
  15. aussielunix

    What things do you expect from your web host?

    When moving to a new web hosting, What things do you expect from your provider? You expect: - your web host to solve all of your website related issues or just some in a short time - your web hosting will provide you an affordable price - DDOS protection - managed hosting - cPanel is a must...
  16. Paul Wellner Bou

    How to learn to use Web Host Manager?

    Does anyone share any tips to help me can learn on how to use Web Host Manager effectively? Have any of the web hosts in these forums made such FAQ pages for their resellers yet? If so, please post the link here too. I think it is a very good idea for web hosting companies to put up such...
  17. Chris Worner

    Does your web host provide a money back guarantee?

    Hi guys Are there any web hosts that guarantee money back in the case their hosting packages don't fit your requirements? Is is a need for web hosting provider today?
  18. DDSvpsHost

    Getting the right web host for your business site

    When it comes to launching or re-launching a website, there's a big difference between renting and buying. Most business websites are renters - meaning that they live inside of a Web hosting company rather than on a computer that's owned and operated by the business. This scenario, known as...
  19. S

    Detect the hardware of your web host using a simple php script

    Couple of days back I started to host one of my website with Go Daddy Web Hosting. But unfortunately I experienced severe issued with it. It included slow page loads, HTTP Errors etc. So I wanted to know about the System specifications of my web server assigned by GD. Finally I found a php...