1. Prototuls

    Question about Extension Pack for Virtualbox

    Who dealt with Virtualbox? Now I'm trying to set everything up correctly. I draw more information from foreign sites. Interesting details about download extension pack virtualbox. If someone can share their own experience, it would be cool.
  2. Mujkanovic

    What is your favorite domain extension?

    Can you tell me what is your favorite domain extension? and why you liked that extension?
  3. F

    Correct way of installing php extension in directadmin

    Guys help.directadmin.com/item.php?id=252 the above link is one way and the other is to go to directadmin custom build interface. Now I installed a php extension using the link above and then by mistake I installed the same way in direkctadmin custom build interface Can this cause issue...
  4. Dr. McKay

    Does Google consider domain extension as a keyword?

    I am just curious if Google considers domain extension as a keyword or not? Any thoughts?
  5. Maxoq

    What do you think about .online domain extension?

    I have just purchased a .online domain name, its price for first year is $2.17 but next year will be $32, it is worth investing into this domain extension?
  6. Mujkanovic

    What is GD extension and how to check it is enabled on my server?

    Can you guys tell me what is GD extension and how to check it is enabled on my server? I guess this function to proceed images on my website but not sure what it really is. Waiting for your valuable answers!
  7. Mujkanovic

    PDO and MySQLI extension?

    Can I check if PDO and MySQLI extension is enabled on my Plesk hosting? my forum script is requiring MySQLI and PDO but I don't know where to check if they are enabled. If not, how can I activate these features?
  8. exa-edward

    Domain Extension Price start from $3.99 only

    exa-edward submitted a new product: Domain Extension Price start from $3.99 only - Domain Extension from $3.99 Read more about this product...
  9. Kaz Wolfe

    How to install ImageMagick PECL extension?

    My web script is requiring to install ImageMagick PECL extension to serve a feature of it, for resizing images. I checked as their guide and ImageMagick PECL extension is not installed on my hosting server. My question is how can I install or enable ImageMagick PECL extension?
  10. Maxoq

    Chrome SSH extension?

    I used Chrome browser all the time and rarely use other browsers as Firefox, Safari or Opera. I heard that it has a extension to use SSH from chrome. Is it secure and it is a good way to connect to our hosting server from Chrome?
  11. PenguinManiac

    Original domain extension for a sport website?

    One of the many niches I've considered writing some articles about is sports. Sometimes, I like to think of possible domains for a website to put all of this stuff in, and I personally find it to be extremely entertaining. However, domain extensions are always a pain in the neck to come up with...
  12. gifthoy

    Is .io extension good for setting up a music site?

    I have been thinking of it if .io extension will be good to set up my clients music blog, since my friend already told me that .io is meant for tech related niches, But I still have feelings that if I make use .io extension for my clients music blog that it can still fetch us more traffics...
  13. David Beroff

    .forum vs .community domain extension

    I tried to search .forum and .community domain extension, while .community is opening for registrations then .forum domains are pending release Has anyone considered using these extensions to start a new forum for yourself? Which extension is better? why?
  14. Terrance

    is .org a good domain extension?

    Does using .ORG for any domain names is good for a website? today I check a domain and it is taken and I am moving to another way by applying for the .ORG as an alternative. What are your thoughts?
  15. Chris Worner

    What is the cheapest domain extension?

    What is the cheapest domain extension? Where to buy it? can you guys share your expertise?
  16. DaRecordon

    What domain extension should startups use?

    For people or organization doing business online or starting building websites to earn profits from it then what domain extension should they use? .com, .net, .us or something else?
  17. Gonzalo

    .HTML extension or no for SEO?

    Hey guys, I am starting a news wordpress site but I am getting confused on its url structure for examples with my feeling, .html is better but I could not clarify it. Does it help SEO? should I go for no .html in url? does it have any differences? Please advise me.
  18. gagggyy

    What do you think about creating a news feed on site as a browser extension?

    Today I found a product that allows to convert an RSS feed into a Google Chrome extension. What you think about it? Will it attract new users? Has anyone done something like this?
  19. freds86

    Does domain extension .Com .Net or .Org affect SEO value?

    Do you think domain extension such as .com .net .org affect SEO value? I should go with .com for the most popular and it have more value for SEO or keyword rankings? Any suggestions?
  20. C

    WTS Free Extension for Virtuemart- Horizontal log-in module

    cmsmart submitted a new resource: Free Extension for Virtuemart- Horizontal log-in module - Free Extension for Virtuemart- Horizontal log-in module Read more about this resource...