1. BlueLeaf

    How to Secure Email Communication with an S/MIME Certificate?

    Step 1: Introduction to S/MIME Certificates S/MIME (Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) certificates are a way to add an extra layer of security to your email communications. They work by encrypting and digitally signing your emails, ensuring that only the intended recipient can read...
  2. Dopani

    How do I set up email hosting on my VPS hosting?

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to set up email hosting on my VPS (Virtual Private Server). Can anyone recommend a good email server software and walk me through the basic steps to get it up and running? I'm using a Linux-based VPS with a control panel, if that helps. Thanks in advance for your help!
  3. Dopani

    How do I troubleshoot email delivery issues on my VPS?

    Hello everyone, I am experiencing some email delivery issues on my Virtual Private Server (VPS) and would like to get some advice on troubleshooting the problem such as: Checked my email server settings and verified that the SMTP and IMAP/POP3 settings are correct? Verified that my email...
  4. Dopani

    How to monitor your website online/offline via email or notifications?

    I have tens of websites and want to monitor their status if they are online or offline via email or other notification methods. Are there any ways to do this? please guide.
  5. IPv4Vinny

    Has bad IP reputation ever affected your business?

    I was talking to one of my buddies in email marketing and he told me that even though they're careful, their IP reputation has been affecting them lately. The bad IP reputation of a company can have an immense impact on their business. What do you think about this?
  6. Dopani

    Best email hosting providers?

    Hey all, My company have about 50 employees and 250 emails to use for different domains, but the problem is, emails sending to clients, used to spam box or mark as spam on their email. Do we need to use email hosting from other providers? we knew Google workspace (g suite) is good but its price...
  7. portuguesedude

    email deliverability

    hello on cpanel account section email deliverability, i have many errors " DNS Errors Occurred (DKIM and SPF) " Where to fix it ?
  8. techteacherdebashree

    Does this type of email marketing work?

    If I collect email through email extractor and upload on email tool, are these email work really?
  9. C

    enom email

    Anyone using/reselling the enom email service? I am looking for a cheap/basic email solution, as its not viable to use the cpanel email that my hosting provider offers, as I ony give 10GB with each acocunt, as this is plenty for a website, but email eats up the customers disk quota too easily...
  10. Paul Wellner Bou

    Does Plesk onyx disable email send out when license is expired?

    I am having a hosting using cPanel hosting control panel and when cpanel license (whm/cpanel) is expire, email send out service is disabled, I want to move my hosting to Plesk Onyx but don't know Plesk onyx disable email send out when license is expired or not?
  11. Maxoq

    What is Email Header?

    I receive some spam email, some email have sender in email header but some are not, or came from my email, I want to know a bit more about Email Header to analyze emails better.
  12. D

    Options for redirecting email for a domain

    Hi there I have something of an emergency situation with only a few days to protect a couple of my hosted domains (web and email) My main concern is protecting emails until the issue is sorted out Please can anyone advise what options are available to redirect or catch mail to a whole domain...
  13. Maxoq

    How to avoid email blacklist for my server?

    Today I can not send email to a person through my outlook, I checked my server IP with mxtoolbox and it got 1 blacklist on a network. My question is, How to avoid email blacklist for my server? and how to detect where sent email spam from my server to fix this issue for next time?
  14. supercanuck

    Email hosting setup

    Domain is registered with is hosted with is hosted with hover. Outgoing email works fine as sent from hover. Cannot receive email. How and where do i configure incoming email settings?
  15. David Beroff

    WooCommerce email not sending when having a new order?

    Does anyone here use Wordpress with WooCommerce? I have a small issue is, when my client order my product from my website, the order was not alerted via email to my email although I set my email in WooCommerce. When I check I saw new order...
  16. O

    Is Customer Email Displayed Publicly for Web Hosting Account?

    When you sign up for webhosting is your email displayed publicly in any record? I tend to separate some of my websites not only by hosting plans but also by hosting accounts (if from the same provider), because I was always under the impression the hosting account email is displayed publicly...
  17. David Beroff

    How to know if your email or website is being hacked or spammed?

    As title asked. How can I know if my email or website is being hacked or spammed? sometimes I got emails from my hosting provider said that, my email is sending spams while I didn't do that. Which tools or ways to help us know about that?
  18. W

    Best Email Hosting

    Hi, Currently we are on NetSols, and since 2 weeks ago, they had emails down (supposedly they were upgrading). And since then we have having issues with receive emails, and clients get their replies bounced back saying our IP is blacklisted. Contacting their support is list being on queue for...
  19. David Beroff

    How to download email data on cPanel?

    I have a website with 5 email accounts and there are 2 accounts has 5 GB data on each email account. How to download these email data to my PC to create backups?
  20. Kaz Wolfe

    How to ban an email spamming on my website?

    Hello, I got more spam emails from for my website, it send more email via my contact form. How can I stop this email using Plesk Onyx? Although It sent via contact form but I could not find this form where it submitted hence I want to use my hosting control panel to stop email spam.