1. DavidLux

    SMS marketing vs. Email marketing

    SMS marketing and Email marketing is 2 mothods help enterprises to interact with customers quickly, efficiently and cost savings. SMS marketing Send personalized SMS (with client name, gift voucher code ...). Manage customer lists & results of the SMS send. Supports sending SMS to the...
  2. Tommy

    Effective Email Marketing Strategies for maximum Business

    Nowadays, Email Marketing is an indispensable tool for businesses because of the benefits it offers such as: 1 - Fast. 2 - Interaction strength (images, video, links in email content) 3 - Save. 4 - Track the results of your mailing campaign. However, according to our research, the end...
  3. B

    Make your email useful for customers

    You'd better provide some benefits for your customers if you want to gain profits from them. Giving discount, hot sale information to audiences can always attract their attentions. The low costs of email marketing makes it popular among marketers especially the small business owners. Actually...
  4. Marc0

    Validating an Email Address with Regular Expressions

    These few lines of JavaScript go a long way to validate email addresses. window.onload = initForms; function initForms() { for (var i=0; i< document.forms.length; i++) { document.forms[i].onsubmit = function() {return validForm();} } } function validForm() {...
  5. SEO

    Email Marketing Features

    Construction and management of clients: Form to collect email / news letter. The built-in tools that automatically import email lists from the file. Integrated automatic add / remove customer type. Automatically send confirmation to the customer. Customer is registered personal information...