Instructions to Affiliate Marketing before Getting into It


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Jun 6, 2012
Affiliate marketing is simply a technique of Internet marketing. It is a technique that often used by webmasters and bloggers to make money online. Affiliate marketing works in a way where an individual signs up for an affiliate program of an online company and once the individual has become an affiliate of the company; he or she can start promoting the product or service of the company and get rewarded when a sale or lead has generated for the company. So in a nutshell, you are making money online by promoting the products or services of other people.

With so many affiliate programs available on the Internet, you can literally promote or sell any products on the Internet. Just decide what you want to promote on the Internet and you can start searching for the affiliate program that has the right product for you to promote online. You can easily find a right affiliate program through a large affiliate network such as, Clickbank, Amazon or Shareashare. These affiliate networks have thousands of free affiliate programs broken into categories. By searching in their database, I'm sure you will find the types of products that you want to start promoting on the Internet.

Affiliates usually are rewarded in one of the two ways below:

1) Pay per sale

A large number of companies or merchants compensate their affiliates in pay per sale basis. This means every time when an affiliate referred a sale for the company, the company will pay part of the sale revenue called affiliate commission to the affiliate. The affiliate commission generally is between 4% and 75% of the sale revenue. The commission rate is highly depending on the product and brand. The popular brand like Amazon only offers 5% to 10% commission rate because the products of Amazon are already well known in the public.

However, if you promote digital products from Clickbank, you can get up to 75% of the affiliate commission. Most digital products offer at least 50% of commission rate. Digital products take more marketing effort to get the sales, so the commission rate offers to affiliates have to be higher.

2) Pay per action

This is another form of affiliate payment model that many companies like to use these days. Under the pay per action model, the company or merchant pays the affiliate when the affiliate directs a visitor to the merchant site and leads to a desired action. The action can be a sign up, a free trial of product, a subscription of newsletter, a zip code submission or any other actions. The merchants will specify clearly what action that they want the visitors to performance on their site. The merchant will pay a fixed fee for each qualified lead.

The pay per action affiliate programs usually pay far lower than the pay per sale programs. However, generating lead for merchants is much easier than generating sale. For this reason, many webmasters and bloggers prefer to use pay per action affiliate program on their site.

Getting started in affiliate marketing

To make money online from affiliate marketing, you'll need to build a website or blog. Choose a topic or niche for your site and then promote the affiliate products related to your site topic. It is important that you choose the right topic for your site. What is the right topic? A topic that you are passionate about or you are proficient in can be the best topic for your site. Think about your hobby, expertise and experience; what is thing that you know best. All these will help you figure out the best topic.

Your website should provide valuable and quality information to the visitors and at the same time you can recommend related products or services to your visitors. This is a good way to direct your visitors from your site to your merchant sites to check out the products or services. Any click-through that converts to sale or lead would mean affiliate commission to your account.

Traffic is the key

You must be ready to work long hours on Internet marketing to generate as much visitors as possible to your website so that you can make the most out of affiliate marketing. There are plenty of Internet marketing methods you can use to generate traffic for your site. You should take the time to learn them and use them effectively so that you can achieve success in affiliate marketing.
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