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Jul 15, 2016
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WordPress Hosting is a specialized hosting service optimized exclusively for WordPress source code. Therefore, this type of hosting is not entirely suitable for all types of source code today. Here are 7 common questions about WordPress Hosting that we can summarize. Hope it can help you decide if this is suitable for your website.

1. What is WordPress Hosting?
WordPress Hosting is a hosting with particular configuration explicitly optimized for WordPress source code. However, you can still use WordPress hosting to run other sources. However, performance will be lower than WordPress source code.

2. Benefits when using WordPress Hosting
If you are a WordPress user, choosing WordPress Hosting can be extremely convenient and useful for your website. Below we give you some of the most significant benefits:
  • Improve performance, optimize every aspect for WordPress source code.
  • Fast access speed.
  • Superior security because the server is optimized to fit the security configuration of the WordPress source code instead of just running necessary security protocols.
  • Most WordPress Hosting is managed by a professional technical team, so it is always updated continuously.
  • With a dedicated technical team behind you, you will be able to find out the details of your site as well as your server so that customer support will be more comfortable.
3. Disadvantages
WordPress Hosting is not the perfect solution for every website owner even if you are running on WordPress because it is a custom hosting solution, its price is slightly higher than regular Linux hosting.
If your site is small and doesn't have much traffic, you probably won't notice performance improvements from using WordPress Hosting.
Also, some providers have a limit on the number of options you can make for your site and even limit the number of plugins that can be installed.
So, if your website requires a limited list of plugins, you may have to choose another service to store accordingly.

4. Who should use WordPress Hosting?
If you are using WordPress source code and your website has moderate to high traffic and sees a decrease in website performance, then you can certainly get many benefits from using WordPress Hosting.
Most WordPress websites with high traffic after switching to WordPress Hosting will often see the overall improvement in website performance and download speed.

5. What is the difference between Shared WordPress Hosting and Managed WordPress Hosting?
Shared WordPress Hosting is a hosting environment that has some specific optimizations and provides utilities to install WordPress easily. Most Shared Hosting offers some form of WordPress optimization because it is a popular CMS.

Managed WordPress Hosting is the next level of WordPress Hosting. Managed WordPress Hosting will manage everything related to your WordPress website. It usually includes features such as site upgrades, WordPress performance improvements, virus scans, backups and more.

6. How is WordPress Hosting different from other Hosting?
WordPress Hosting, especially Managed WordPress Hosting, is designed to be ideally suited to provide the optimal Hosting environment for WordPress websites. Mostly, it is different from other storage environments by setting up and configuring software.

7. Can I use WordPress hosting without a WordPress website?
Managed WordPress Hosting is only used for WordPress source code, while Shared WordPress Hosting is more popular, you can use for some other source code. Technically you can use a Shared WordPress Hosting package to host multiple WordPress websites depending on the number of domains allowed by Shared WordPress Hosting package there.

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