Super Fast VPS, VPN, Dedicated Servers

    LLHOST INC. is a European company established in 2017 by engineers with 10+ years of hosting, network, and development industries experience. The range of LLHOST INC. services is: Virtual, Dedicated, VPN servers in Europe and USA as our main product; Internet exchange and network services...
  2. IPv4Vinny

    Best business VPN?

    In your opinion, what is the best business VPN? What extra tools does that service have that makes you business operations easier?
  3. A

    AcroServers.com - 1Gbit, INSTANT SETUP, Linux/Windows Cloud KVM, 37 Locations Worldwide - start €5/M 1.0

    We offer instant activated VPS Cloud worldwide, 1Gbit/s (37 locations), 2Gbit/s (20TB bandwitch) and VPN services. Starting from 5EUR with already 1Gb/s. Our goal is to provide secured VMs and our policy is all about your privacy.
  4. Cheerag Nundlall

    Cheap and reliable VPN services?

    Can anyone suggest me any cheap and reliable VPN service? I checked Namecheap VPN and their price is good but to obtain that price, I need to buy for more years, I am looking for same services with same price. Please recommend me some. Thanks!
  5. BillEssley

    What is VPN and its benefits?

    Can anyone tell me what is VPN and its benefits? when should I use VPN?
  6. amanwaa

    Best VPN for Android?

    Does anyone have any idea which is best free VPN for Android phones? Need your suggestion.
  7. hostens

    What VPN locations are the most valuable?

    Hey there, I would like to hear what VPN locations you use the most and why? There are some reasons like Geo-related blockings, strict internet policies, content restriction and of course security reason. Perhaps there is something else?
  8. aussielunix

    Start a VPN business?

    How profitable is it to start a VPN company at this time? I would love to hear your thoughts.
  9. superman2727

    Personal VPN Server

    I'm curious in this one, is it possible to make a personal home-based VPN server? Because I know that VPN are useful enough but do I really need to have one or to pay for a VPN? Which is more advisable, I will set-up my own personal VPN server or I should pay for VPN servers? Is it really...
  10. superman2727

    Low Cost VPN

    My friend ask me about this, I want to help him but I do not know about this VPN's, What can you prefer to me about VPN in terms of its cost? Both personal and company use. What paid VPN can you suggest for me that can give a better security but the costs is not that high and much affordable...
  11. superman2727

    What is the Fastest VPN for you?

    What VPN can you recommend to me in terms of the speed and also include the conveniency of using it. I want also to have a much more safer connections between my private network that is link to the internet. What do you think is the fastest VPN for you? Is that the you are using right now or...
  12. superman2727

    Softether VPN vs OpenVPN

    Which one is better to use in terms of using VPN's. I know that there are a lot of VPN softwares. Each of them has it's own pros and cons when using it? I just want to know more about this two particular softwares. Can someone tell and explain me more about this two? What would you recommend...
  13. Chris Worner

    VPN and SSH: Which method is more secure?

    Both VPN and SSH allow network traffic over a secure connection. They have similar points but also having different points. I am wondering what technique to use and which technology is more secure? why?
  14. iamchenita

    Does using a VPN helps us in securing our credentials against from hackers?

    Hello everyone! I have some questions regarding VPN. Does VPN helps us to secure in accessing websites and do we really need to use VPN's in accessing free WiFi in coffee shop or in a public network where it has free WiFi Hotspot? Should we trust the VPN or not?
  15. argel241

    is it necessary to use a VPN in your business?

    I read a lot of reviews about using a VPN.Can anyone tell me if using a VPN is really necessary for your business or is it optional?Why it is needed and how can I benefit from using this?
  16. timothykiko

    How to set up a VPN on my VPS?

    I am trying to setup a VPN service on a VPS. I have read some articles on the net but really don't know which one i should follow. I currently have a new VPS Centos 6 server, I would like to have a thing allows me to "one click install" nor a control panel that I can use to manage the VPN.
  17. timothykiko

    Which vpn works the best?

    Which one changes your IP address less traceable and affordable?
  18. V

    VPN Engine - Launch your own VPN Service Easily!

    Ever wanted to get into the VPN business but couldn't find a good solution for it ? Well now you have it! VPN Engine is a fully automated system where you could launch your own vpn business easily, without any knowledge. What is VPN Engine ? VPN Engine is a PHP script that helps you to manage...
  19. DaRecordon

    What is the difference between VPN and VPS?

    I know these terms VPN: Virtual Private Network VPS: Virtual Private Server But I don't know what is the difference between them? Any guide!
  20. Luxin Host

    [Tutorial] How to Install OpenVPN server on VPS

    Why would you do this? this way you can reach absolute anonymity at your own control where logs are kept by you. In addition you do not have to share resources and face downtimes by VPN providers or you can start you own VPN service. 1.) Depending on your version of Centos download enter the...