1. OnaDavney

    Clone a Linux VPS

    I bought a decent Linux VPS but for some reasons I wanted to move it to 2 or 3 different VPS's without reinstalling everything from scratch. Is that possible? How can I clone a Linux VPS?
  2. Chris Worner

    Disable a Linux server from SSH?

    I didn't find an option to disable my linux server in my hosting control panel to test somethings, my linux server is just stopped when I don't renew service. I would like to know what is the best way to stop my Linux server from SSH?
  3. David Beroff

    What is Rescue System?

    I saw this term when checking a dedicated server offer. What is Rescue System?
  4. Edward

    Cheap and Powerful VPS in Europe / Windows RDP, Linux / USD,BTC 2020-03-31

    A new generation of virtual servers, our own development, to which we have been going for a long time! Starting March 31, the first customers will receive their VSP. Now the number of VPS is limited, only 20-30 VPS 1vDedicated CPU (4.2 GHz) / 2 GB DDR4 / 25 GB NVMe SSD / 200 Mbps -...
  5. Require

    Make your Modification Linux?

    Is there a tutorial on here if someone can link me one I want to make on Linux Modification something like Kali but more like Apple in sense something which is free doesn't require that much money in it will be greatly appericated.
  6. GixHosting

    Linux OS with different kernel

    We have an outsourced project, and some php extensions were giving error on their one of the server that 100+ sites were working on, so we opened a ticket to cpanel and they replied "Your server is cloudinux with centos kernel, both are mismatching" and when we checked, cpanel team was correct...
  7. D

    VPS: Linux or Windows?

    Hello, everyone, I've read many opinions about both, Linux and Windows VPSes and I created an opinion that Linux OS is way better than windows vps server. (Taking into consideration control panels to choose from). Am I wrong? Can someone comment on this question? What are your opinions?
  8. agmhost

    Linux VPS Server

    I'm looking for the set up of the new Linux VPS server. What crucial features and specifications do I need to look for in any web hosting provider? Also, if possible kindly mention all the necessary specifications that I need in setting up VPS hosting. Thanks in Advance!
  9. YourLastHostLLC

    YourLastHost | From $10/yr - Linux & Windows Shared SSD Hosting - Free SSLs - Multiple Locations 2019-03-15

    YourLastHost was founded in March 2016 and is focused on providing high quality solutions in a low end market. We are particularly proud to offer a combination of powerful features that few companies can match, including 24/7 support, a 90-day money back guarantee, 99.99% uptime, affordable DDoS...
  10. Localnode

    Holiday Sale | 30% LIFETIME DISCOUNT! || Pure SSD Web Hosting cPanel || SPAM EXPERTS || CLOUD LINUX

    Localnode submitted a new product: Holiday Sale | 30% LIFETIME DISCOUNT! || Pure SSD Web Hosting cPanel || SPAM EXPERTS || CLOUD LINUX - The Shared & Reseller Specialists Read more about this product...
  11. Gmeister4

    How to disable or enable iptables in Linux?

    I am just curious to enable all ports on my server once by disable iptables. What is the command to disable it and of course, i also would like to know how to enable iptables?
  12. Mujkanovic

    Should I disable Linux iptables permanently?

    For the first time when i installed my hosting control panel on my new server, iptables might stop some ports from working. I stopped iptables and i could access my hosting control panel. I am wondering I should disable Linux iptables permanently or not? Please share your advice.
  13. hostnamaste

    Blazing Fast SSD Linux (cPanel) & Windows (Plesk) Hosting @$4.99/yr | Free SSLs | US and Indian DCs

    hostnamaste submitted a new product: Blazing Fast SSD Linux (cPanel) & Windows (Plesk) Hosting @$4.99/yr | Free SSLs | US and Indian DCs - Blazing Fast SSD Windows Plesk Onyx and Linux cPanel Hosting Plans - Los Angeles, US / Mumbai, India Read more about this product...
  14. Mujkanovic

    Check available disk space on my server with SSH for Linux?

    I uploaded pretty more files to my web hosting and I am doubting it will exceed disk quota that I can use on my VPS. I would like to check available disk space on my server with SSH for my VPS Linux? How can I do that?
  15. Dr. McKay

    Make money with Linux VPS?

    What is the best way to make money with Linux VPS? I am looking for an easy and fast way to earn money from some VPS that I am having them. Any suggestions?
  16. RoseKaizer

    Is it Good To used Ubuntu Linux?

    Im planning to reformat my laptop from windows 8, I decide to reformat and make the os ubuntu linux, is linux is good to use?
  17. exa-edward

    Singapore Linux Business Hosting $2.99/month

    exa-edward submitted a new product: Singapore Linux Business Hosting $2.99/month - SIngapore Business Hosting $2.99/month now Read more about this product...
  18. Gmeister4

    How to check MySQL version through shell (SSH) on a Linux Server?

    My web developer is asking which MySQL version I am using on my vps server and I checked with this command but he said it is not for my version of server, I tried to run this command but it is error Any suggestions?
  19. TheCompWiz

    How to back up whole Linux server?

    Hi everyone, Can you tell me how to back up whole my Linux server? I mean I want to backup all files and databases on entire server and when I reinstall my server then I can restore that backup and I can use it immediately whiteout re-configure or installations?
  20. Cheerag Nundlall

    How to view directories and files on Linux with tree structure?

    Can I tell me it is possible to view directories and files on Linux with tree structure? when I logged with root account, I don't know there are how many files or folders in my current folder that I moved to (using cd command). Waiting for your valuable comments.