1. SenseiSteve

    Advantage of Adding Keywords to Title Tags?

    I had an SEO expert with decades of experience recently insist that adding keywords to the end of title tags helped hundreds of her clients rank higher in the search engines. As examples, she recommended title tags that had a character count between 80 and 120. I've read where Google gives title...
  2. Dr. McKay

    Alternatives to CloudFlare DDoS Protection?

    I am using CloudFlare DDoS Protection for my websites but I am looking for any free other options to protect my websites from ddos attacks. Does any one give me some recommendations?
  3. W

    How to target the keywords ?

    I would like to see my website standing on first page for the main keywords with good searches. How to promote the keywords ? I want to know how to target the main keywords so that I stand on first page for the particular main keywords.
  4. Cort Ammon

    How could ForumWeb have these keywords on Top 10 Google?

    I tried to find a hosting plan though Google with hopes to compare with other hosting hosting companies on forums, a bit surprising when seeing is being listed in Top 10 Google with these keywords VPS hosting offers, shared hosting offers, dedicated hosting offers... Can you...
  5. Dakoom

    Yoast SEO (WP) and links in keywords

    In Yoast SEO when you have a link in your keyword into the article you get a message that says to remove that link or the "article/page will not be indexed". Is this true? Why? Is there a specific reason for this?
  6. Dopani

    How can I find the best keywords for Youtube?

    I want to find the best keywords that are being most searched by others on Youtube. are there any tools or ways that would let me find most popular keywords searched on Youtube?
  7. BillEssley

    What reasons have your keywords dropped on Google search results?

    For me, some the reasons for the drop in the keyword position are wrong keywords targeted, Google algorithms are changing, Backlinks from sources that are irrelevant or removed, robot.txt file that is incorrect, competitors are getting better content & quality backlinks...etc In your point of...
  8. Gustav

    How to choose keywords for your articles?

    I'm just curious how did you choose keywords for your blog articles? I usually use google keyword planner to find keywords with higher demand user but low competitions or go to answers and questions sites for any suggestions what is your way? Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Goliathstwin

    How to see what keywords a website is targeting

    Which tools/ways can I use to find out what keywords a website is targeting or getting more traffic from them? I am doing analytics from my competitor website, would any one help me?
  10. Gustav

    How to rank more keywords for a website?

    I have a website and it has got many topics and posts, content is unique and fresh 100% but traffic from organic is not good and low positions on google and other search engines.I want to rank it for many keywords. What should I do?
  11. hexajobs

    how to choose Keywords for Website?

    how to choose Keywords for Website?
  12. Fawad Malik

    How many keywords are important for single blog in SEO?

    Hi Experts, I have a blog and i am using one seo guy only for increasing organic traffic but he is not working on specific keywords. I would like to use any good seo guy for keywords so anyone here to do that? Also i would like to get your suggest that how many keywords are important for...
  13. twinkenterprises

    Difference between 2 word and 3 word keywords?

    Should I use both of them for my site or which one is better for orgranic traffic? As resutls showing in my google webmaster tool then I am getting easily traffic from 3 word keyword instead 2 word keyword. Some cases it's giving me a bit more traffic on 1 word keyword which I coundn't get...
  14. pabitra

    Long tail keywords vs short tail?

    Hi, when should I choose long tail keyword or short tail for SEO? what is benefit for increasing traffic for my site?
  15. rozzski89

    Why my keywords are not ranking on 1st page of google?

    Hey SEO experts, I have a blog which 20 keywords on first page of search engine results (G) and they are on 6th and 7th positions and i want to rank up them to the top 1st... please suggest me what are the most appropriate methods to rank up my keywords. what SEO rules should I follow now...
  16. NadirAziz

    What are the main rules for ranking long tail Keywords?

    As a newbie in blogging niche, I would like to know from experts' experience what are the main rules for ranking long tail keywords? how can implement these keywords in my blog to rank higher than my competitors. Thanks Nadiraziz
  17. Kal K

    Compare 3 keywords SEO forum, webmaster forum and internet marketing forum?

    Hi guys, I'm going to build a community about SEO but also I can build a webmaster forum or an internet marketing forum but problem is, I don't know which keywords I should focus on, which keyword is more benefit when my new forum gets good rankings on search engines. Do you give me any...
  18. art247

    Do nofollow links have any effect on keywords ranking?

    Hello, I don't know why more SEOer building nofollow links on forums or blogs. Do nofollow links have any effect on keywords ranking? Does any one confirm me it's an effective way to increase keywords rankings although it's nofollow links. Thanks
  19. Joseph_Hill

    Finding Keywords that My Competitors are Getting Good Traffic from Them?

    Hello, Do you know any tools/ways to find keywords that my competitors are getting good traffic from them? I only put their website url on and all keywords from their websites will be listed for viewing, it's possible? what are your suggestions?
  20. Joseph_Hill

    Any Tips for researching YouTube keywords?

    Hi there, I knew YouTube is important for increase traffic for website if we do right ways and I'm making videos to upload to my channels but confusing a thing, that's how to find right search terms or keywords for my videos to make it get better rankings on YT and even search engines. Can...