1. David Beroff

    Apache vs LiteSpeed: Servers Comparison for WordPress?

    Hello WordPress enthusiasts and hosting experts, I am currently preparing a detailed comparison between Apache and LiteSpeed web servers specifically for WordPress hosting environments. If you have experience with either or both of these servers in the context of WordPress, I would highly...
  2. BlueLeaf

    How to Enable TLS 1.3 on Windows, Limux, Mac, Apache & NGINX

    Enabling TLS 1.3 on various platforms and web servers requires different steps. Below is a step-by-step guide to enabling TLS 1.3 on Windows, Linux, Mac, Apache, and Nginx: Windows Please note that Windows already has TLS 1.3 support starting from Windows 10 version 20170, and Windows Server...
  3. Chris Worner

    How to compare performance between Nginx and Apache?

    My websites are running on both Nginx and Apache server but I don't know which one is giving better performance for my websites. Is there a way or tool to check performance of Nginx and Apache to compare?
  4. H

    How to Rebuild Apache in cPanel?

    You can Rebuild Apache in cPanel using the following steps: 1. Log in as the root using ssh to your server 2. Type the following commands: # cd /scripts # ./updatenow # ./easyapache 3. Simply take after on-screen directions to modify Apache for CPanel server under Linux/FreeBSD OSes. 4. If...
  5. David Beroff

    Apache HTTP 2.4.17 to 2.4.38 Local Root Exploit vulnerability

    Hi everyone, I received an email like this Is it true? If yes, how to update Apache to fix this error?
  6. Cheerag Nundlall

    What are Apache servers and what does it mean?

    What are Apache servers and what does it mean? Does my server have any type of web servers that I should care?
  7. SenseiSteve

    Apache or Litespeed? Hostirian gives you the choice! Hosted on insanely fast NVMe servers

    SenseiSteve submitted a new product: Apache or Litespeed? Hostirian gives you the choice! Hosted on insanely fast NVMe servers - Cloud web hosting services Read more about this product...
  8. SenseiSteve

    Apache or Litespeed? Hostirian gives you the choice! Hosted on insanely fast NVMe servers

    Why LiteSpeed In bench tests measuring WordPress transactions per second, Litespeed’s LSCache outperforms Apache by 90X. When measuring Magento in similar tests, Litespeed’s LiteMage outperforms Apache+Turpentine by 33X. That’s unbeatable performance that your users and admins can see and feel...
  9. DenisMNE

    nginx vs litespeed vs apache

    Which one do you use and prefer ? Interested in pros and cons of both and which is faster. I've heard recommendations for litespeed but wanted to check it out here firstly. Thanks.
  10. Dr. McKay

    What is the difference between litespeed and apache?

    Can you tell me what is the difference between litespeed and apache? I want to try litespeed because it seems better than Apache as what everyone is talking about it.
  11. Life Sayings

    Why Nginx is faster and better than Apache?

    I want to know why Nginx web server is faster and better than Apache? does any one explain me?
  12. Cheerag Nundlall

    Switching from Apache or Nginx to LiteSpeed?

    A few questions: If I am using Apache or Nginx on my hosting, it is possible to switch to LiteSpeed without reinstalling my hosting? how to measure performance with LiteSpeed?
  13. Kaz Wolfe

    Rebuild Apache?

    I have just upgraded PHP version and seem it needs to rebuild apache to take affections. With a hosting control panel as directadmin or cpanel, I can rebuild Apache with some clicks but would like to do that through SSH. Is that possible?
  14. StackArcVPS

    Migrate Wordpress site from Apache to Nginx?

    Hello, Can anyone detail me on the steps to migrate a WordPress site ( on httpd apache ) to NGINX ( on CentOS 6 ) without dataloss and with site data remaining untouched? Please reply if you know the solution, will be of big help
  15. wpspeedster

    What is Reverse-proxy NGINX + Apache and Nginx web server?

    My webs hoting control panel is allowing to change webser from Apache to Reverse-proxy Nginx + Apache but what What is Reverse-proxy NGINX + Apache? Is is a combination of Nginx and Apache web server? and what Nginx web server standard alone? Can you tell me the differences?
  16. Klaus Warzecha

    LiteSpeed vs Apache Web Server

    Just wondering how people here found the differences between Apache and LiteSpeed Web Server for cPanel hosting? I am considering the switch to one that better performance and making my clients sites load faster etc. Any thoughts?
  17. David Beroff

    Send notification when apache or mysql server is down

    Are there any methods to set the notification when Apache or Mysql sever is down. I want to have email notifications when services are down / crash, can we set any notification in plesk, directadmin or cpanel hosting panel?
  18. Cheerag Nundlall

    Nginx vs Apache vs Litespeed

    What is the best web server if compared between these nginx and apache and litespeed? I am running blogs on Apache but i heard that nginx or litespeed supported cache content better than apache hence I tend to use or give them a try in the near future. Does anyone give me an advice?
  19. Kaz Wolfe

    How to make Apache .htaccess file to be worked with Nginx?

    For most of CMS like joomla, wordpress, drupal,..etc they have htacess file which to run rewrite rules for its web system, but if we change from Apache to Nginx web server, that could not work. What are other solutions to instead of using .htaccess for NGINX?
  20. Alex_smith

    What is the difference between Apache and Nginx?

    Can anyone give me a list of different things between Apache and Nginx? If I want to move from Nginx to Apache or vice versa then what do I need to care about? and how to solve a problem if it has been enabled on Apache but not support completely on Nginx and vice versa?