1. harrygreen90

    What should I change on the DirectAdmin control panel to make my server more secure?

    In the ever-evolving digital landscape, the security of our servers remains a top priority. I've embarked on the journey of managing my own server, choosing DirectAdmin for its combination of robust features and intuitive management interface. While DirectAdmin has been a capable ally in server...
  2. BlueLeaf

    How to Secure Email Communication with an S/MIME Certificate?

    Step 1: Introduction to S/MIME Certificates S/MIME (Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) certificates are a way to add an extra layer of security to your email communications. They work by encrypting and digitally signing your emails, ensuring that only the intended recipient can read...
  3. Solarcom

    Change your password day

    Guys, we're here just to remind you that today is international change your password day! A day where we all take a moment to reflect on our passwords and make sure they are strong and up to date. A strong password is important to keep your online information safe. But, it can be hard to...
  4. J

    How do I choose the right Cloud Hosting provider?

    Want to run my website in Cloud Hosting, Is there any data breach while doing this?
  5. T

    Is centos web panel secure?

    Hi guys, I was recommended to centos web panel on a VPS from my hosting provider, it is free, so I think it can have any issues with security or less updates if compared with paid control panel. Can you guys advice me? Buy lifetime license or pay monthly? What is the best choice between...
  6. Harry P

    Is centos web panel secure?

    I was recommended to centos web panel on a VPS from my hosting provider, it is free, so I think it can have any issues with security or less updates if compared with paid control panel. Can you guys advice me?
  7. Chris Worner

    Tools to secure your server?

    Which is the best tool to secure my server? I prefer free tools but paid tools are also welcomed :) I installed csf for my server but to be honest I am not still satisfy with it and need to know others, may be better. Please suggest me!
  8. Maxoq

    Best ways to secure your Directadmin?

    I have a hosting using Directadmin control panel. I am curious what are the best ways to secure Directadmin? or Directadmin is already secured itself?
  9. P

    Is it possible to secure wordpress website 100%?

    I am new to wordpress, I am worried about its security? Is it possible 100% to avoid getting hacked and keep wordpress website safe?
  10. David Beroff

    Which one should I secure, website or hosting?

    My question is, Which one should I secure, my website or hosting? I think hosting or hosting control panel is from providers and they already secure them from hackers. So, I should concentrate on securing my websites. Is it right? Any comments?
  11. Chris Worner

    Secure Plesk Onyx?

    How can I Secure Plesk Onyx? My server is running Plesk Onyx is under a DDos. I am looking for way to secure it or install CSF for Plesk but I don't see extension in Plesk. Which one would you recommend?
  12. Chris Worner

    How to secure wp-admin in Wordpress?

    I tried to use a password protect for wp-admin and it works but when I am back to my font page and trying to search my products on my Wordpress, it promoted for a password to continue because search function worked via wp-admin or there is something connected to wp-admin thus I must remove...
  13. Emily Routledge

    How to secure Plesk login page?

    After installed Plesk onyx, do I need to secure for Plesk? for example, I need to secure Plesk login page or change port or something else to make my Plesk secure?
  14. Kaz Wolfe

    How to secure a WHM/cPanel?

    I installed WHM/cPanel on my server but seem i am just using default setting from them. Does WHM need to improve security? if yes how to do? can you tell me the ways?
  15. Unisecure

    Secure Sockets Layer

    How to choose The Best (SSL) Secure Sockets Layer For Your Business or online business?
  16. OnaDavney

    When do I open a secure transaction?

    I had a seller offering a domain with price $450 and he is suggesting me to open a secure transaction. What is escrow and how does it work? I heard about escrow sometimes but never worked with this site before. I would like to hear your advice and experience. Many thanks!
  17. Pusya

    How to secure your website?

    Hello! What's the best way for a beginner to secure a website? It should be efficient, cheap and with a high quality. I'm a starting blogger who is about to open an "equivalent" website to the blog. I won't heavily overload the website with information, but basic security would be nice to...
  18. MilesWeb

    [MilesWeb] Fast & Secure Cloud Hosting for your Growing Business | Try for Free. No Credit Card Req.

    MilesWeb submitted a new product: [MilesWeb] Fast, Secure & Scalable Cloud | Pay As You Go Pricing - Cloud hosting for startups and web developers. Try it free. Read more about this product...
  19. Chris Worner

    VPN and SSH: Which method is more secure?

    Both VPN and SSH allow network traffic over a secure connection. They have similar points but also having different points. I am wondering what technique to use and which technology is more secure? why?
  20. mobin

    Best and cheap solution to secure your cPanel Server

    Virus files injections and brute-force attacks are one of the major problems that most of the server owners face nowadays. Having a defensive mechanism implemented on your server may vary based on your technical skills and budget. OpsShield has developed cPGuard to help people to implement...