1. nickson311

    Which is the best for Photo Editing? Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw X6?

    I want to edit some of my pictures, can you suggest what is the best for this two software?
  2. nickson311

    Adobe Photoshop C6 vs Core DrawX6?

    I want to try to edit some pictures and I don't know which is the best Adobe Photoshop C6 or Corel Draw X6?
  3. Lene

    Aside from Adobe Photoshop

    Adobe Photoshop is the only photo editing I know and used tool eversince. Because for me, it is the most powerful and best of all. So aside from Photoshop, what you guys consider as best also? Anyone can introduce for me? Thanks in advance. ;)
  4. lingfart

    Is Photoshop Hard to Learn?

    Pewdiepie is one of my favorite YouTubers. He has the most subscribed channel on YouTube. I find him to be very funny and witty. One thing I noticed is his thumbnails for his videos. They're very unique and mostly hilarious. Then I figured that he made the thumbnails using photoshop since there...
  5. Lea

    Is Adobe Photoshop overrated?

    For a long time, I used GIMP, because I couldn't afford Photoshop. At the time, GIMP worked out perfectly for what I needed done and I still consider it a great free program. However, once I started using Photoshop, I saw all the things that GIMP was missing. I personally think that Photoshop is...
  6. RedTreeHill2

    Lightroom vs. Photoshop?

    I have my own copy of Photoshop CS6, but not Lightroom. As someone that likes to edit videos in her free time as well as edit pictures, I think Photoshop is more useful for me. It has a variety of functions, like the alpha, refining, and layer mask tools to cut the background out of images or...
  7. Ben Hartsuff

    What is the Best Alternative to Photoshop?

    I like photoshop but it takes forever to use it. What programs are you guys using that you find work better than photoshop?
  8. jamesanderson1

    Is it possible to create a dashed or dotted line in photoshop below cs5?

    My Question is that, Is it possible to create a dashed or dotted line in photoshop below cs5 without using Brush or brush presets. Thanks
  9. bijutoha

    The Best Websites To Learn Photoshop

    I was thinking during few days to share something special for Photoshop Lovers who really want to get free web resources to learn Adobe Photoshop. Whereas, I love this platform [Webmaster Sun] like you friends. So, lets share each Photoshop resource have we found useful. In my regular life I...
  10. Mouneem

    Almost photoshop Shortcuts for windows User

    Don't wast any second from now with this list of shortcuts, and let's speedup your works ;) Fill a layer with the Foreground color : Alt+Delete Fill a layer with the Background color : Ctrl +Delete Flatten layers: Ctrl+Alt+Shift+E Merge visible Layers : Ctrl+Shift+E New layer via copy...
  11. Mouneem

    FOR BEGINER How To Change Image dimensions on PHOTOSHOP

    hey guys as i said before I'll start posting tips and tutorial here and here's my first one, you will learn how to change dimensions of an image ( Height and Width ) Of course you need a software, I recommend you Photoshop ( Version doesn't matter till now ) First step for changing the...
  12. fromrachel

    Are there any ways to organize fonts in Photoshop?

    I was wondering if there are some ways to categorize fonts in photoshop? I imported thousand of fonts into window system and they are showed automatically in Photoshop follow lists. It's difficult for me to find the fonts I like when they are too much. It would really be a cool feature if you...
  13. Michele D.

    Illustrator Vs PhotoShop?

    Hi everyone, I just planned to study some Picture editing softwares like Photoshop, Illustrator.. Finally these are my options but I don't know which I should go with to have images that I want for my internet marketing products Recommend me which one should I choose first and learn? Thanks
  14. Michele D.

    From Where I can Learn Photoshop?

    I am ready to pay for online learning of photoshop. I see graphic designing earns a lot of money. I was just wondering if there is any UDEMY or any other online course from where I can get a professional learning of photoshop. Thanks
  15. cindy

    Does anyone knows the fastest way to learn PhotoShop?

    Does anyone knows the fastest way to learn PhotoShop? Do you have the best video's or good tutorials, I need to learn PhotoShop very fast.
  16. ravemediaph_ronnie

    what version of photoshop you use?

    what version of photoshop you use? Me, im using adobe photoshop cs3 since 2007 until now.
  17. arronmattwills

    Is just photoshop enough to become a web designer?

    Just having photoshop skills is not enough to become a web designer, but I can say that is the starting inspiration to become a web designer. Your commitment and discipline plays an important role in your success. All the best to freshers.
  18. arronmattwills

    importance of photoshop in website design process?

    We have so many open source image editing software tools and we have many tools from adobe only like illustrator, indesign, , light room, and many but they Can't replace the position of photoshop. In my experience I can say it is because of some most useful options like move, marquee...
  19. ClearEyes

    Need Help With Photoshop? ... I'll Try To Help You.

    Hi there, I've been using Photoshop and other digital graphics software for a while now and have gained a lot of experience over the years, but I know that sometimes it can be difficult and frustrating for people to get the results they wanted with Photoshop. I'd like to offer you some...
  20. Tommy

    What is the difference between Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw?

    Hi everyone, Can you tell me what is the difference between Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw? Waiting for valuable replies from graphic experts