1. Dr. McKay

    Needing to buy WHM / cPanel license

    I am wanting to buy 1 WHM / cPanel license with good price to setup for a new server next week. I have seen pricing on cPanel website but its price is $20 / month, wondering that there is a reliable place to buy WHM/cpanel license with lower price or buying it monthly...
  2. Maxoq

    My Plesk license is going to be expired?

    I bought 3 months Plesk license and it is going to be expired next some days. What will happen if I don't renew license? Can not I use Plesk any more? or I can not update Plesk only but still using current version?
  3. David Beroff

    Verify whmcs license?

    I am new to whmcs and wanted to buy a whmcs license but if I bought then how to verify it? What are steps for this task?
  4. Dr. McKay

    Cheap Litespeed license?

    Where is the best place to buy cheap litespeed license for my VPS server? I am wanting to try this web server but needing some providers offer it with low price. Many thanks!
  5. Dr. McKay

    Buy cPanel license with Bitcoin?

    Where can I buy cPanel license with Bitcoins? I used to use coinshost but for some reason you can only buy license for their servers now. Is that possible to buy cPanel license or other hosting control panel licenses with Bitcoin?
  6. Kaz Wolfe

    Plesk cheap license?

    What is the best way to get Plesk cheap license? As I am seeing on Plesk website, they are offering $9.16/mo for web admin edition. Is there a way to get lower price than that?
  7. DenisMNE

    Where to get a cheap Cloudlinux license?

    Hello ! I was wondering if anyone of you can update me with this. I am looking for a cheap cloudlinux license, since my budget is not allowing just to choose anything I want from the market. Anyone has any experience with this operating system and where did you get the license ? Thank you in...
  8. mobin

    cPGuard - cPanel Security Suite || Limited One Time License For Servers || Enhanced Security

    Own a license for your server paying one time We are running a limited time license offer for servers with one time payment. We will be selling only 30 licenses under this plan as we are offering this to promote our develoment process. How much does this cost? :- The Unlimited plan costs $250...
  9. JoeHamilton

    cPanel lifetime license?

    I bought cpanel/whm license and paying $20 monthly but I see if I buy cPanel lifetime license then it would be cheaper because I only pay once although I know it will be a big amount of money but I don't see the option to allow buy lifetime license. Does cPanel sell lifetime license?
  10. BuzzNoc

    SolusVM trial license?

    hey I'm wondering if someone can go to solusvm and get me a trial key from them. I've been trying to get one for one of my slave servers but they keep flagging my order as fraud. (I guess IP list within the client cms) anyone can help me? please PM it don't throw it up as a post! order it here...
  11. Md Fazla Rabby

    Looking for purchase WHMCS life time license

    Hi, I am want to purchase WHMCS life time license. If any one have then please let me know. (please do not try to offer WHMCS webhost free license) Kind Regards, Md Fazla Rabby
  12. Maxoq

    Which is the best place to get cheap cPanel license?

    I've just bought a new VPS account and wanted to use cPanel again, currently I am using cPanel license with price around $20/month and discounted $18/month if I use buy more than 1 month from cPanel. I want to have lower price for this so where can I get a cPanel license for the cheapest price?
  13. wlraider81

    Where to find cheap WHMCS license?

    I am looking for an extremely cheap WHMCS license that I can buy. I am on an extremely medium budget or at least 1 month using for free and pay for minimum next months.
  14. hostuto

    HOT Special deals - 1 month for free in SSD HOSTING + FREE cPanel license + 50% OFF

    hostuto submitted a new resource: Special deals - 1 month for free in SSD HOSTING + FREE cPanel license + 50% OFF - Special deals - 1 month for free in SSD HOSTING + FREE cPanel license + 50% OFF Read more about this resource...