1. HostSailor

    How to allow/deny traffic by country in CSF firewall via WHM?

    We can make restrictions for the server access based on countries using unique country codes via the CSF interface in WHM. We can write allow or deny rules based on the requirement. We can get the country code list from: Once you have the list, follow...
  2. David Beroff

    How to setup this firewall with Cloudflare?

    I visited a few websites and see this alert, how to setup it with Cloudflare? how can I setup with IP addresses attacking my server only? or for any specific countries?
  3. Kaz Wolfe

    How to upgrade ConfigServer Security & Firewall?

    Seem I am using an old version of ConfigServer Security & Firewall (CSF), its version is csf v14.01, I don't know now what is its current version? and especially how can I upgrade ConfigServer Security & Firewall (CSF) to the lastest version via SSH? many thanks!
  4. Malware.Expert

    Malware.Expert - ModSecurity Rules 1.0.42

    Read More our Mod_Security rules for Web Hosting.
  5. superman2727

    Sucuri Firewall

    Is Sucuri gives a good performance when securing cloud systems? Does it provide a top performance when it comes to Firewall security? Does the plan of Sucuri for its firewall protection is affordable and recommendable? Does it require something from your hardware or software in order to run or...
  6. valvps

    Firewall Gateway in front of servers

    Hello: Some recommendations to use a firewall in front of servers such as zimbra, cpanel, or any other server is linux or windows. The idea is to have a web platform firewall and this control all the income before reaching the servers...
  7. Chris Worner

    csf vs apf firewall, which one is better?

    I am using csf firewall for my vps and it works pretty good but I heard about apf firewall. Did you any guys here use both? which one is better and why?
  8. openhosting

    OpenHosting | Windows VPS & Linux | NVMe and SSD | Firewall | LoadBalancer | 25% Lifetime Discount

    openhosting submitted a new resource: OpenHosting | Windows VPS & Linux | NVMe and SSD | Firewall | LoadBalancer | 25% Lifetime Discount - OpenHosting | Windows VPS & Linux | NVMe and SSD | Firewall | LoadBalancer | 25% Lifetime Discount Read more about this resource...
  9. DTS-NET

    What is the best firewall?

    Dedicated customers as what is the best way to protect there server with there so many options for hardware based firewall to software based What are the best options who makes the best firewall for dedicated servers
  10. Harry P

    What is a Firewall and How Does It Work?

    In my VPS control panel, there is an option to enable firewall for my IP. I enabled it but I don't know how does it work? What is exactly a firewall? can anyone explain me? Thanks Harry
  11. R Langley


    Just wondering what firewall folks are using for an at home setup, I have a few servers setup at home and I'm used to buying corporate level firewalls what do you use for smaller setups. Cisco or Juniper preferred.
  12. Mujkanovic

    How to remove csf firewall

    I want to remove csf firewall to try APF & BFD because i think they will conflict each other on my server. So any guide how can i remove csf and ldf?
  13. Dr. McKay

    How to remove CSF firewall from a VPS?

    I install csf on my VPS Linux but how to remove it from my terminal? I would like to do it with commands.
  14. Aaron Lavers

    What is the best firewall to install on VPS?

    Recent time I have got high load on my VPS, I installed CSF (Config Server Firewall) on CentOS 6 but it could not tell me which IP or source is making my VPS high load. I want to install a firewall which allow me to automatically block malicious IPs or bots. I heard about fail2ban but not sure...
  15. Dopani

    How to config CSF firewall to stop DDOS attacks?

    I heard from a friend that if I have a good CSF firewall settings on csf config file then I can stop or limit DDOS attacks, is it exact? If so, how can I config CSF firewall for better performance?
  16. dcb1101

    Linux VPS as a firewall and load balancer

    I'd like to have a firewall and load balancer but they expensive. Can I get a third VPS and use it as a firewall and load balancer? I know it is possible but what are pros/cons?