1. T

    what gpu server run Android emulator?

    Hello, Hosting providers guys, know what gpu server run Android emulator? are you guys able to customized?if yes,please leave your link. Thanks
  2. W

    Video call integration facility for an existing app and website

    I'm looking for some valuable suggestions to integrate video calling feature into an existing mobile app (android & iOS) and website.
  3. amanwaa

    Best VPN for Android?

    Does anyone have any idea which is best free VPN for Android phones? Need your suggestion.
  4. Martinsx

    Android phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers which are you comfortable working with?

    Every individual that is a freelancer or into one online business, sales or marketing normally have a particular device that he or she is more comfortable and disposed to working with. Some prefer laptops, and others tablets, phones or desktops for one reason or another. Among all these...
  5. overcast

    Do Android Apps need CDN?

    I have found that some of the Websites and blogs are making use of the CDN for content and media. So I am thinking there are many apps which are moving away from the website for content delivery. By media, I mean video, images and other content which can get recurring and perfect candidate for...
  6. neckom

    I Want to Write Android Apps. Where Do I Start?

    hi, I have some background in coding (PHP, Visual Basic...), but I've never touched Android development before. I'd like to get started, but I'm not entirely sure what I need. I could use some guidance on where to start with Android. Can you help?
  7. sallysaleh

    Can I Use VB.NET To Write Android Apps Code?

    Hi all, can I use to write apps code for android. is there converter for code into android. thanks all indeed.
  8. MightWeb

    Android Wear

    Hey guys! Didn't find a topic on Android Wear, so figured it might be worth having. Anyone else using it? Just received my LG Watch Urbane (silver/brushed metal one). This is my first smartwatch, and I can certainly see usage for it. Swapped out the leather band for a link brace...
  9. S

    Is there any good Android app for removing Cache

    Hello, My cell phone is getting slower day by day! and hanging too much. So, I thought I should ask for a Android App for Cache or Cookies removal ?
  10. Michele D.

    Is it possible to earn from an android app

    I saw many apps having Adsense ads at the bottom when I play games. But now I am thinking to develop my own app. Moreover, I am also thinking to earn some money from it . Don't know exactly If I can earn a huge money but still some few bucks can do the job :DD: Let me know how I...
  11. Marc0

    Facebook Home: A New Generation of Social Media for Android Phone

    Read news from friends, update status, photos with "Like" Mark, share with their circles, news retweet - everything that makes up Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc., many people accompanied constantly in everyday life: in the train, when TV, at events ... The so-called social networks will...
  12. Marc0

    Programming language for android apps

    Good day everyone, With the popularity gained by the Android platform, more and more programmers, beginners and pros, are having a good interest in developing application for this platform. One of the first things to consider, perhaps, is the language to be used. The following are some of the...
  13. Marc0

    Sony PSP's future, threatened by Android Gaming Apps

    Hello everyone, Lately, there has been a buzz over the internet that Sony PSP's future is greatly threatened by the presence of Android gaming apps. Here's the scenario. More and more consumers are hooked to patronizing the Android mobile products for several reasons. Among these reasons is...
  14. Marc0

    iOS Vs. Android: The Pros and Cons

    Hello everyone, As we all know, Apple with its iOS platform has been a top player in mobile arena. It has been solid for a long time and seems to continue to be. However, there has been a revolution lately, as an open source Android gathers more and more strength in the market. It is undeniable...
  15. A

    Android apps coding

    Looking forward to learning programming android apps. What is the best code Editor or SDK to use?
  16. Jovani

    Are Apple App better than Android App?

    Hi there, According to your view, which is better, Apple App or Android App? Any thoughts ?
  17. Jovani

    How to create apps for Android / iOS ?

    Anyone know about ways to create apps for Android / iOS ? what do I need to know ? and how to do ?