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  1. R

    Web Development question: How do I code my website so that each time someone watches an ad a token will appear on their account?

    So you know in many apps today, specifically gaming apps when you click to watch an ad in the app you get a token or coins or some in-game currency to help you advance your progress in the game? How would I do that for my website so that each time a person watches an ad they get a token added to...
  2. taglineinfotech

    What are the top Web Development Technologies and Frameworks for 2021?

    What are the top Web Development Technologies and Frameworks for 2021?
  3. Efe Agbontaen

    Website Development & Mobile App Development Services | Payment Plans Available

    FincoApps is renowned for being one of the best Website and Mobile App Development companies in Africa. We believe everyone has the right to Professional and High IT services regardless of pocket size and that is why we have made our services very affordable with pocket-friendly payment plans...
  4. G

    Error: Eliminate Render- Blocking Resource

    I have tested the speed of my website ebetterbooks[dot]com and found out some problems that were causing the slow speed of the website, fixed almost all of them except one, that is, "Eliminate Render-Blocking Resource", can someone tell me how to fix it?
  5. satopeng4

    How do you find the latest trends in web development?

    Hi Everybody, Any recommendations on how to catch up with the latest trends in web development, like any websites that provides news and tips for what hot and what's not? Also it would be great for new websites that provide tutorials for free or a lesser amount. For example this month of August...
  6. vinaya

    Udemy Web Development Course

    I have been taking interest in web development since a long time, however, I dillydallied because I did not have time and money. When I saw Udemy offering Web Programing course for just $10, I enrolled immediately. I have not started my course yet. Has anyone any experience with Udemy course...
  7. Chris Worner

    What is the best browser for web development?

    Hi there, I'm new to web design and development. I was wondering what browser you all use for your web projects and for web development. Is Chrome is the best browser for web development or Firefox is a better one?
  8. EpicGlobalWeb

    WTS Expensive Web Development Services

    EpicGlobalWeb submitted a new resource: Expensive Web Development Services - Expensive Web Development Services Read more about this resource...
  9. Emilio

    What browser do you use for web development?

    Not sure if this question has been talked about, but I would like to know your personal thoughts. What browser do you use for web development? and why do you think it's better than the others in your own opinion?
  10. JohnASimpleWorld

    Pricing Web Development?

    My team is starting a small local web design company and we're really confused on how to price web projects. I'm hoping you guys here can help us get some ideas of what to charge. We are going to provide domains, hosting, basic design on wordpress cms as a base. Installations, custom work...
  11. michaeldlevy

    How do you price your web development business?

    I am pretty new to freelancing and want to make sure I am accurately pricing myself correctly for my business. For those of you who do web design, development and/or graphic design, how do you determine what to charge? Examples include: Domain costs Hosting costs On-going support...
  12. BillEssley

    Differences between web development environment and a text editor?

    Hi, What is the difference between a web development environment and a text editor?
  13. ammumalar

    How SEO is related to web development ?

    Hello guys, Actually can you tell me how search engine optimization is related to web development.
  14. johnyplex

    Softwares for web development

    Hello, Can anyone share me more good softwares or tools for browsers that they are more helpful for web development? I use some tools as following Photoshop, Colour Schemer for graphic design Dreamweaver, Notepad ++ for coding Debugging addon on firefox CuteFTP and FileZilla are good for...
  15. RobertClive

    Are web design and web development saturated?

    I've just done a bit more researches for web design offers in my local area but I found too many web designers out there who already to work for me in the same requirements. I also am going to make a web design website where i can offer my web services but seem this field (include web design...
  16. Marc0

    Web Development in Java/Jsp

    Hello, I have learned Jsp and developed a small shopping cart application using it . but it was too innocent and i think that for creating a excellent web site i need to obtain more information ..i am very much confused should i begin framework like struts/java faces or should i understand XML...
  17. Marc0

    What language should I start with for web development?

    Hello, Usually for developing programs they start you off from Visible Basic. What about for web development? Where should I start and what 'languages' after that should I go to? Thanks
  18. Tommy

    What is the Difference Between Web Design and Web Development?

    Hi everyone, Many people use the two terms web design and web development interchangeably, but they really don't know more two different meanings on those terms so if you are looking for someone to design your websites with your purposes then you will find out difference between them...
  19. Marc0

    Guidelines for testing a web site

    Hi everyone, I'm new to web development. I'm currently working to put up my own web site. I realize that it's good to test your web site so that you'd be able not just to polish it, but also to find out some possible problems that exist or may arise. In relation to this, I'm going to...
  20. Marc0

    Joomla vs. Wordpress: Which is the better CMS?

    Greetings to all, CMS stands for Content Management System. With the help of this great tool, building and maintaining websites has become a lot easier than before. If you are planning to build your website now, with the use of CMS, you will most likely encounter the two titans in this...