1. djsmiley2k

    Vestacp on Debian 8?

    I want to try Vestacp on a VPS because it is free and will save my money, but I also like using Debian 8 but not sure Vestacp can run on Debian 8 or not? does anyone confirm me?
  2. AlbaHost

    Vestacp got hacked/vulnerable

    Secure your servers before is too late, more about: Cheers.
  3. miken

    Restore backup in Vestacp?

    I have an old backup file that I crated it on an old version of Vestacp control panel, now I am installing the latest version of Vestacp on a new server, not sure where & how can I restore backup file with Vestacp?
  4. eva2000

    LEMP Stack benchmarks: CentminMod vs EasyEngine vs Webinoly vs VestaCP vs OneInStack Nginx/OpenResty

    I ran some Nginx comparison benchmarks for various LEMP stack's and though I'd share the results :) If you want to just straight into Nginx HTTP/2 HTTPS high concurrency benchmark results you can find them here Otherwise Nginx HTTP/2 HTTPS...
  5. superman2727

    VestaCP Requirements

    What are the main requirements for installing VestaCP control panel? I'd be really interested to know the requirements needed in order to run VestaCP and what are other supported features of it? If possible, the minimum and maximum requirements of it. Thanks, Cheers!
  6. Chris Worner

    VestaCP has a serious security flaw that causes your server to be exploited for DDoS

    Currently, VestaCP is having an extremely serious and zero-day vulnerability that could cause your server to become a tool for denial of service attacks (DDoS). Information about this security bug appeared on the forum of VestaCP and is interested by more people because of its severity. If you...
  7. Bryan McClure

    CentOS Web Panel vs Vestacp, Which one is better?

    I am having a new VPS and wanted to install a free hosting control panel on it because it will cut cost beside paid hosting panels that I am using on other hosting plans. I am considering between CentOS Web Panel vs Vestacp. According to your point of view, which one is better and why? Please...
  8. DenisMNE

    What is vestacp and how to install it ?

    So what I read was, basically, that it is a password security sort of program. The problem is that I do not know how it is working nor how to install it. I am sure there must be a tutorial with step-by-step instructions. If someone is using this program and knows how to install it, or knows...
  9. djsmiley2k

    Redirect HTTP to HTTPS in VestaCP?

    I am having a VPS package and installed VestaCP control panel, it is new to me and I have less experience for using VestaCP. Can you tell me the way to redirect HTTP to HTTPS in VestaCP? Does it use same way as other hosting panels?
  10. CaygriWEB

    VESTACP free control panel "Ilovereo" but still work?

    Hello, online I found a lot of tutorial to do free file manager for vesta. But i follow the tutorial and not work. Anyone know if still work?
  11. vpsrus

    Can't install Blesta with VestaCP?

    Bump in the road. I am trying to install Blesta with VestaCP with no success so if somebody knows the magic, please express here. What I have and what I did. OS Centos 6.9 PHP - 5.6.30 with Zend and ioncube Apache 2.4 Mysql 5.5.56 several attempts: Dedicated server same...
  12. Chris Worner

    VestaCP MySQL Root Password?

    I follow this tutorial and installed successfully VestaCP on my hosting but after done, I don't know how to login to Mysql using root account, where is VestaCP MySQL root password? Can any one tell me how...
  13. Moebuntu

    How do I set up DNS in VestaCP?

    Hello, I have a VPS and just installed VestaCP, a new open source very good control panel. How can I now point my domain to it? I don't know how to create DNS for my websites start using with VestaCP? E.g. and and everything then just works So how do I do this...
  14. Namerie

    What are the differences between Vestacp vs Ajenti?

    On a previous post of mine I asked about Vestacp vs Cpanel and learned some of the differences. One was that Cpanel is a paid control panel. Now I am curious about 2 free control panels and their differences. I am especially interested in the differences for someone new to VPS setup. So when...
  15. Namerie

    What are the differences between vestacp vs cpanel?

    I have been reading about some control panels lately and have seen these two control panels mentioned several times. I only have some experience with cpanel because my shared hosting uses that one so I don't know about vestacp. Can anyone explain the main differences between vestacp vs...
  16. hostingcoupons

    How to uninstall VestaCP in CentOS completely?

    Today I tried to install VestaCP hosting panel on my Centos but it worked not as my expectation, I would remove it completely from my VPS. what is the fastest way to do this? do I need to reinstall my VPS?
  17. Moebuntu

    Centos Web Panel vs Vestacp

    I want to have a free option beside paid hosting panel is plesk which I am using for my blog sites. I checked some suggestions on this forum and selected two free hosting panels are Centos Web Panel and Vestacp but I don't know which is better and stable, no bugs or issues. Can you share me your...
  18. StrangeDays

    The httpd service does not start automatically in VestaCP?

    Hi Guys, I am a WHM / cPanel man but recently decided to try Vesta CP. I have to say that I am very impressed with the speed although it has taken a to get used to the interface / options etc. I do have a problem though and I am hoping you can assist. For some reason the httpd service...
  19. wpspeedster

    How to Install VestaCP on CentOS

    There are good reviews on this hosting control panel and I want to give it a try. Anyone installed VestaCP on CentOS, what requirements do I need to install it on a VPS?
  20. tlhIngan

    VestaCP vs. ISPConfig Hosting Control Panel?

    What is the best control panel between VestaCP and ISPConfig? I like the fact what ISPConfig supports softacolous but I also like VestaCP UI compared to rivals