1. Chris Worner

    Phone support availability among Hosting service Providers?

    Hello everyone, I'm currently exploring hosting service options for my website, and one of my key considerations is customer support. While many hosting providers offer various support channels, I'm particularly interested in phone support. Could anyone please share their experiences or...
  2. David Beroff

    Can anyone recommend Woocommerce themes to sell smartphones or phone accessories?

    I would like to start a shop sells smartphones' accessories and it uses Woocommerce + Wordpress, I searched and found some from themeforest but not sure which ones are trending now. Can anyone recommend Woocommerce themes to sell smartphones accessories or smartphones?
  3. joshmoy

    Internet: Mobile phone or pc?

    Several years ago, the fastest and most reliable way to surf the web was via a personal computer, mostly desktop computers. As time went on, technology achieved a higher milestone in the manufacturing of mobile phones. Smart phones were invented and they also have access to the internet. Year...
  4. energizedit

    Toll free phone number

    Do you use a toll free phone number? eg. 1-800 or 1-888 etc. If so how do you have it set up? Eg. are you using a hosted voip solution or something else. Thanks
  5. wittwerch

    Live Chat vs Phone Support vs Ticket System

    I visited some web hosting company websites and seeing that some are offering ticket system only while others are offering live chat and ticket system or just phone support only. Just our of curiosity, what is the best option for your customers and benefits of each one? I would like to hear your...
  6. Marc0

    What do you think about this mobile phone site?

    Hello, I have just finished a mobile phone site in this week after some days worked on it. I don't know to call is as a blog or a Q&A platform because I combined both ( 2 in 1 ) on a site :D. URL : I'm looking for any feedbacks on logo, colors, layout and content...
  7. mark

    What to do with battery and speed of a phone

    Hi, I have Sony Ericssion Neo L although I am quite satisfied with the performance of phone but recently phone started working slowly and the battery drains so fast even if I keep my internet connection off . is this is the software issue or some other problem ? please help.
  8. S

    Mobile Phone is compulsory or not?

    Is the mobile is compulsory for anyone or not compulsory? Please share your thoughts with me, this is my project.
  9. Marc0

    What do you use your mobile phone for?

    Hello, Everyone's using mobile phone for their works and entertainment, It depends on everyone's hobby, with me, I am quite using it for my works, I have less time to play games on it. what about you ? What do you use your mobile phone for? any shares?
  10. DavidLux

    What to do if you have 99,000,000 SMS phone numbers?

    Hello, Can I know your opinion, what you will do if you have 99,000,000 SMS phone numbers? how to marketing or making money from it ? Any share ideas ?
  11. Marc0

    Facebook Home: A New Generation of Social Media for Android Phone

    Read news from friends, update status, photos with "Like" Mark, share with their circles, news retweet - everything that makes up Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc., many people accompanied constantly in everyday life: in the train, when TV, at events ... The so-called social networks will...
  12. Marc0

    Amazon gradually new positioned to face-off in cell phone?

    Fight is heating up b/w Google & Amazon, with each moving into the other's area as they look to build mobile powerhouses. At the same time, Google is reportedly setting up to begin a new eCommerce facility that would compete with Amazon Prime by offering same-day delivery from local retailers...
  13. A

    WTS Craigslist Phone numbers at low rates

    alicejay submitted a new resource: Craigslist Phone numbers at low rates - Craigslist Phone numbers at low rates Read more about this resource...
  14. vinpay

    Do you prefer SMS or Phone for friends ?

    Hi there, Do you prefer SMS or Phone for friends ? I prefer phone to SMS for friends because it's fast way to send my information to friends