1. BlueLeaf

    Adding a Personal Touch to Error Messages: Creating Custom 404 Error Pages in cPanel and WordPress

    When visitors stumble upon a broken link or encounter an error on your website, the default error messages can be a bit dull and unhelpful. In this tutorial, I'll guide you through the process of creating custom error pages to give your users a friendlier and more informative experience. We'll...
  2. Gmeister4

    Personal vs Brand Blog

    Hi website owners, This is my first time here and although I have a fair bit of knowledge in the industry (I work for a CPA advertising company), I am making my first steps towards building my own online business. I am looking to gain authority in my niche. I have a lot of knowledge in the...
  3. superman2727

    Personal VPN Server

    I'm curious in this one, is it possible to make a personal home-based VPN server? Because I know that VPN are useful enough but do I really need to have one or to pay for a VPN? Which is more advisable, I will set-up my own personal VPN server or I should pay for VPN servers? Is it really...
  4. DenisMNE

    Best tld for personal website

    What is the best TLD for a person website ? I am interested in opening open and would like to hear your suggestions.
  5. JOED77

    Do I need a personal VPS?

    With this service I can have my own OS running, and I can run it like a super-user, does it worth the money, if it does, what's the best provider?
  6. RedTreeHill2

    Does your domain name have a special personal meaning?

    Many people choose domain names to support their business and drive traffic to their websites. You want a good domain name, but I wonder if anyone has chosen one that has a special meaning to them. Perhaps it's a reminder of your friend or loved one that's also related to your business niche...
  7. Emilio

    Which is a better host for personal work, Vultr or DigitalOcean?

    What are the differences between Vultr and DigitalOcean? I am moderately skilled in Linux but I am trying to move my work environment to the cloud. I tried VPS from DigitalOcean but not for the cloud and as I know then Digital Ocean seems less expensive. I want to run some small business...
  8. roggy

    Can a personal blog earn you decent money?

    In my opinion it is possible to earn money by blogging about the things you like such as music, website themes, web hosting reviews, website tips. I was simply curious to know what you guys think a personal blog can earn you decent money? and how is yours?
  9. Shutout

    Creating Facebook Page Without ANY Connection To Personal Profile

    Is there a way to create a Facebook page and have it not show up to my friends that I created a page? I know I can not be "linked to it", but once I create it, will it automatically show up telling all my friends that I created a new page? Also, do messages go through a separate "account" or...
  10. Maxoq

    Rank for personal social network profiles?

    Hello webmastersun members, I was wondering it is possible to rank your social media profiles such as Facebook page, google+, twitter, linkedin on the top of search engines results. Is it different from ranking for a website or a blog? Have you tried it ?
  11. iSocialMarketing

    5 Keys to Building Your Personal Brand

    Have you ever thought, how your brand name is heard or read by someone? What services or products will relate to your brandname? The answers to these questions will give you the keys to building and developing your personal brand. It also encourages your skills, combine them with your passions...
  12. Marc0

    How to start your personal blog efficiently ?

    Hello, According to you, How to start your personal blog efficiently ? can we start from where ? and how ? Thank you