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  1. robot

    Bought an .xyz domain. Do I park it or build on it?

    My girlfriend makes wire and stone jewelry. She's not ready yet to go online yet. So, I just bought a .xyz domain name that deals with jewelry. Trying to figure out if I should just park it, and take what little income from the links the parked page would give me, (knowing Google doesn't like...
  2. ErrorData24

    Adsense on Landing Page?

    I was told that I could have adsense on my landing page but when signing up, it says it may not have a path or subdomain. Am I not able to use adsense on my landing page? I'm thinking that to be efficient to my wasted traffic in my landing page maybe is nice combination, if will put google...
  3. wmguides

    WTS I will build free landing page or one page website for your product or niche

    wmguides submitted a new resource: I will build free landing page or one page website for your product or niche - I will build free landing page or one page website for your product or niche Read more about this resource...
  4. S

    Is a Landing Page an effective tool to attract affiliate marketers?

    Hi, I'm new to trying to launch my own affiliate marketing program and am looking for help with the best ways possible to promote my program to affiliates. Clickbank and other sites require a larger upfront investment than I am willing to make to test out the waters. I built a landing page that...
  5. Harry P

    Which paid methods can I use to directly get traffic to my landing page?

    Hey there, I know there are some free methods such as using youtube, blogging, article marketing, social media to drive traffic to my landing page but I'm trying to find any alternatives to get large volume of traffic in a short period of time by paying money beside free methods that I am...
  6. CyberAlchemist

    Best plugins to create a Landing Page for WordPress?

    Do you guys know which is the best plugin to create a landing page by drag and drop? It should include functions that a landing page needs. Please share your suggestions.
  7. wrigmark

    How to check how many sign-ups in analytics without any landing page or goal set ups?

    Hi, If you've a website and in your site there is an option to take any services first visitor must go for sign up (clicking on sign up button -> opens in a window in middle of a page that means NO SIGN UP URL). And after registration there is no Thank you page. Also in Google analytics, no...
  8. Jim

    Landing Page with audio embed

    Hello. I was wondering if anyone could help me. I had a landing page built for me that has and audio player embed into it that plays an mp3 file automatically once you click the link. I think the code for the player is css which I am not familiar with at all. I tried to edit the page to...
  9. Marc0

    Videos for Landing Page?

    I am just wondering how have you created videos for your landing page. Is there a service where you will hire an actor to act out landing page videos or auto tools to do that? I would like to know of ways that creating a video on my landing page.
  10. twersk

    How to create a landing page without being a designer?

    Luckily, generating landing pages is available to everyone and not have to be a graphic designer to create a landing page. In the market there are many tools that allow us to create landing pages without any knowledge of graphic design. In addition, these tools are mostly "Drag and drop"; this...
  11. Jeff Burritt

    8 Essentials of a High Converting Landing Page

    A landing page is the page on your website where a visitor "lands" from an advertisement, an email or a promotional banner in place, to take a desired action such as buying, subscribing to a list , download a number of videos or join a conference. The landing page is used to receive visitors...
  12. acerstoreau

    The Structure of a Winning Landing Page

    In online marketing, landing page is considered the destination page, is a page that appears when a potential customer clicks on an ad or link the results of a search engine. This page often represents an extension of an advertisement and are optimized for keywords or key phrases to help search...
  13. RayKeller

    What is the best URL structure for a landing page

    Hi, I have a question regarding landing page URL architecture. Should it go in a folder? should it be a sub-domain? what's the best approach? What's the best approach? Any and all advice would be highly appreciated. Thanks!
  14. Steve32

    Where to buy landing page?

    Can you guys suggest me Where is the best source to buy landing page? or there is any way to make a single landing page that looks decent and converts? I'm using wordpress theme Thanks in advance Steve
  15. Goliathstwin

    What things a landing page needs?

    Hi, Just building a landing page for my site and I want to know what things a landing page needs? Please share your suggestions?
  16. Steve32

    What is the power of a landing page?

    I hear everyone talking more about landing pages, what is real power of a landing page? is it best way to succeed with internet marketing? Any suggestions?
  17. johnyplex

    5 Tips on How to Create an Effective Landing Page

    A landing page is a great page to grow your online store and get conversions of different types, ie people who visit your site to interact with it (eg, recording your data or buying a product). Typically, users come to a landing page through a promotion channel (Emails marketing, Adwords, Banner...
  18. Content by Rhonda

    Newsletter advice please

    I am about to launch a paid newsletter for writers who aren't making what they want from their writing or people that want to make a living writing. I of course understand already about getting the landing pages, etc. Here is my dilima. I have thought of two ways to go about this and maybe...
  19. laurence

    Seting up a landing page and take orders online?

    Hello everyone! I want to know simple steps how to set up a landing page and take orders online? what things I need to do to drive traffic to my landing page? Any advice welcome
  20. Ricardo

    Top 9 Landing Page Optimization Mistakes that You Should Avoid

    The first thing most people think of when they want to increase their online sales is to increase your website traffic. So focus on getting more links, more advertising, send more emails and newsletters, more members, and the use of other ways that can help increase the number of visitors. But...