1. AlpineHost

    WordPress Package on WHM Configuration - Help needed please

    Hi all, I am struggling with getting the configuration settings correct for a package that offers a customer the ability to host two WP websites using one cPanel account. I want the customer to be able to completely separate both domains. Currently the system is combining both the domains ie...
  2. I

    Looking for a server with real country providers! PLS HELP

    hint sites with dedicated servers using real isp, (Not provider hosting) pls cheap!
  3. ManagedCpanel

    Need hosting? I am here to help!

    Hello all, I am offering hosting for free for 1 domain to users to message me and are in need of Managed cPanel/WHM hosting for development and or a live starter website. This is hosting in the US and will provide you with full cPanel features that will support your project. Thank you!
  4. Liam Smith

    Need Help With my Site

    Hey guys! I'm a web designer and I've been working on a website for the past few months, It's about land and property, the page I've been working on is called Park View City, I want some opinion on it as it's my first site regarding property so any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  5. S

    Need help with finding best tools for my website

    Hi all! I'm a little confused by the amount of information, so please help. I have a website for my store, it's quite small, I made it myself with the help of a website builder... Now I want to add something to the website, and I realized that I need to choose plugins. Guys, there are too many...
  6. D

    I need help with PHP AJAX

    hey guys I need help with AJAX. I want to UPDATE my DB without refreshing. I don't really know how to do this. I have found piece of code online but for some reason is not working. Another thing is : how to make run PHP code after 5 minutes. For example: someone push the button and after 5...
  7. glideher

    Help with Wordpress Menu Link please

    hello everyone i have a WP question maybe someone can help. on a friends WP, when i click on one of the pages, the top buttons instead of linking back to the homepage with its correct #ID since its a one page theme, the buttons shows the URL of the page i am in, how can this be fixed. i have...
  8. J

    Need help to move to a new hosting server

    I have a simple gadget review website which I want to move to a new hosting server because their customer service isn't helpful and also because it's getting too expensive. Now the thing is that I need to archive mails of my hosting account and I don't know how it's done.
  9. G

    Need project guidance

    Hello everyone! I have to build an e-commerce marketplace website and i have no prior experience in hosting or web related technologies. My knowledge of these technologies is minimal. What i am hoping to find by writing this post is a mentor who will explain what i need technically for my...