1. Cheerag Nundlall

    Servers for smartphone apps or games?

    I am just curious which type of server running for smartphone apps or games? were they running on dedicated server or cloud server? for big games they will need a data center?

    Are you playing VIDEO GAMES Early 80s' or 90'S Till now

    I,m just wondering if someone playing here Video Games early 80's 90's till Present Then Are this Game Character Listed Familiar to you: 1-Mario and Luigi 2-Vic Viper 3-Twin Bee 4-Simon Belmont 5-Kefka 6-Ultros 7-Wario 9-X 10-Zero 11-Zelda 12-Link 13-Shiela 14-John Torque...
  3. Dakoom

    Help Needed Optimizing an Online Games Website

    Hey there guys. So I have this website here It is a gaming portal where there are a lot of free games you can play. I translate the games feed from english to italian. I have to say that there are already a lot of portals like that in Italy. Anyway, when I first put it online (in 2005-06) I...
  4. professorrosado

    Making Money Playing Games!

    Are you? Have you tried to? What ideas do you have about this? Would you like to? What are your gaming strengths? If you could, what skills do you have that can be applied to the gaming industry or as content or service to gamers to make money?
  5. Hugo E.

    Best ways to monetize your games site?

    Hello webmastersun members, For a few years now I ran a flash game site that has around 6000 visitors each month with 11000 flash games on it. The revenue from Adsense with 300x250 and 468x60 banners from this site is very low and it didn't generate a lot of income. I decided to sell the site...
  6. Harry P

    How to get traffic for small online games

    Hi everyone, I have a game site with 2000 small flash games, I tried some ways to increase traffic for it (Facebook ad, email marketing) but not succeed or poor results Do you know any methods to target traffic for game sites? Your helps are appreciated.
  7. Twitt

    Review : Smartphone Addicted - Technological Web - Apps, Games and Reviews

    Our team (that contains 10 members) just launched a new website that talks about everything you need to know about smartphones.. We are concentrated more in areas like : Android, iOS and Windows Phone. We make app reviews, tutorials and tips for your smartphone. At this time we are in...
  8. Marc0

    Incorporating mobile marketing with mobile games

    Hello people, Nowadays, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have become part of people's everyday life. It is very popular that almost every person, if not all, is owning and using one or two devices of this kind. And as we speak of mobile devices' widespread use, we cannot discount...
  9. R

    Some of us playing facebook games ?

    Hello, Some of us playing facebook games ? Can anyone share some thoughts Thanks
  10. postcd

    Girl Games Paradise

    Girl Games Paradise portal allow girls to play favorite and popular girl games easily online at one spot. I like the website design and layout, but im sure it requires much improvements and i need your advice what you would like to be changed and modiffied. Please should you have any idea or...
  11. postcd

    Favorite MiniGames

    Favorite MiniGames is a new gaming portal FavoriteMiniGames allow us to play hudreds of popular online games for free. Member or visitor can easily see sorted list of most popular online games and comment his favorite games easily via Fecebook. Please check
  12. postcd

    Deep Space Games

    Hello, thank you for your interest in my game site. I wish to introduce you my new game site, where my aim is to publish and provide only top rated online games, not only space games but quite all available. I would like to ask you for a reviews of my Deep Space Game site and ask you for...
  13. postcd

    Please review

    Hi, i would like to introduce new online arcade game site. It is named PlayFreeArcade. I would like to ask you to test the website and tell me if you have any idea to improve this arcade games website to be more friendly for online game players. Flash Arcade Game site...