1. UH-Peter

    77% OFF Fast & Secure VPS Hosting +Free Domain, $3.95/mo – Multiple Locations 37601-vps-pk

    Is your current hosting solution getting too weak? Try UnidenHosting’s VPS hosting - a platform fully dedicated to you. From root access to lightning fast SSD storage, you will have all the tools to create the perfect environment for any project. With VPS hosting, you are the boss. Access to...
  2. David Beroff

    How to disable ModSecurity in Directadmin?

    My website script required to disable ModSecurity in Directadmin to make functions work exactly. How can I disable ModSecurity in Directadmin? if I disable this feature, does it affect to security of my web hosting or websites?
  3. David Beroff

    How to change server time zone in Directadmin?

    I have a reselling hosting account that using Directadmin and an issuse is, its using timezone from a country I didn't like, I want to change server time zone in Directadmin. How can I do that?
  4. webalternative

    Email Level Dashboard for DirectAdmin 1.00

    Hello, We are happy to announce the release of our new project: Email Level Dashboard for DirectAdmin. This interface allows all e-mail users to change their password and their vacation message without access to the DirectAdmin user account. Lastest release: v1.00 FEATURES -----------------...
  5. Kaz Wolfe

    Important logs in DirectAdmin you need to know

    The job of a system administrator requires them always to control and understand the status of server operations. Any server changes or changes will be saved to check when needed. Therefore, if you do not know the log position of the services, you will be very embarrassed when encountering an...
  6. djsmiley2k

    Configure SSL for sub subdomain in Directadmin?

    I installed SSL (HTTPS) for my domain name in Directadmin but when I create a sub domainname then it is showing this I created a A record for my subdomain name in DNS management like this A IP Address but it is showing Apache is functioning normally on my browser...
  7. qba82 - starting with 1GB $10/YEAR, Unlimited domains, 24/7/365 Support, Free SSL PayPal 2018-06-19

    Common features for all plans: RAID 10 SSD disks Unlimited domains Unlimited subdomains Unlimited email accounts Unlimited MySQL databases Unlimited FTP accounts Control Panel - DirectAdmin 99.9% up time guaranteed 24/7/365 Support One-Click Script Installer Free SSL certificates Daily...
  8. David Beroff

    Tips to speed up websites loading on a Directadmin control panel?

    I am having a few websites hosting on a Directadmin, my hosting privder offered it with low price and I decided to try. But to be honest, it is pretty complicated to use and I have no experience with Directadmin. My website is running pretty slow now and I need to install somethings for...
  9. djsmiley2k

    Directadmin vs Plesk

    Did you guys here use both Directadmin and Plesk. What is your expertise on these hosting control panels? I want to know which one is better on performance, security, easy to configure/install, support , features and loading speed for websites aspects Waiting for some honest comments!
  10. hostens

    OFFER Hostens | SSD Hosting from $3.17/mo. | Let's Encrypt | DirectAdmin

    hostens submitted a new resource: Hostens | SSD Hosting from $3.17/mo. | Let's Encrypt | DirectAdmin - Hostens | SSD Hosting from $3.17/mo. | Let's Encrypt | DirectAdmin Read more about this resource...
  11. Life Sayings

    How to renew Let's Encrypt in Directadmin?

    I want to renew free Let's Encrypt SSL in Directadmin after 3 using months? How to manually or automatically renew it? Does any one have experience with Directadmin, please shoot me a guide.
  12. jordantyj

    How to install a SSL certificate in DirectAdmin

    Any one here is using DirectAdmin, I have two websites running on this control panel and I want to install a free SSL certificate from Cloudflare for my websites, there are too many tutorials out there but I don't know which guide I should follow. Any tips?
  13. hostens

    OFFER Hostens hosting from 0.99 EUR/mo. | DirectAdmin | SpamExperts | Multi-PHP

    hostens submitted a new resource: Hostens hosting from 0.99 EUR/mo. | DirectAdmin | SpamExperts | Multi-PHP - Hostens hosting from 0.99 EUR/mo. | DirectAdmin | SpamExperts | Multi-PHP Read more about this resource...
  14. Maxoq

    Is it better to get a VPS with cPanel, Plesk or Directadmin?

    Many VPS hosting companies give you options on how you want your VPS configured. Is it better to go with cPanel/WHM, Plesk, Directadmin or some other options? I would hear your advice on which way should we choose? why? The VPS hosting in my mind should start with 4GB of RAM which allows us...
  15. tlhIngan

    Webuzo vs Directadmin

    Have you ever used Webuzo or Directadmin? please share your experience I should choose which hosting panel? I would like to know comparisons on pricing, features and how stable it is when running a big website with huge traffic.
  16. Kal K

    How to upgrade PHP and MySQL on DirectAdmin

    To upgrade PHP version 5.3 on DirectAdmin, you can follow the steps below: SSH login your server and type following lines: cd /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild ./build update ./build set php5_ver 5.3 ./build php n If you get this error Then you can do these steps First, edit...
  17. Kal K

    Commands to use Exim on Control Panel DirectAdmin

    Exim is a good SMTP Server, but sometimes you have to perform to manage the queue in the case, users send too many emails, or spam making overload on your mail server. Show list of email in Mail Queue: exim -bp Delete a mail in Queue: exim -Mrm {message-id} Delete all emails in Queue...
  18. bknights

    Plesk vs Cpanel vs Directadmin

    I would start a new VPS with a paid hosting panel but getting confused in choosing one. Could you guys share me your experience which is better for manage an unmanaged VPS, Plesk or Cpanel or Directadmin? which one is better? why?
  19. MooseLucifer

    How to install DirectAdmin on CentOS 6.x 64bit

    Beside cPanel, DirectAdmin is a great web hosting control panel that I would recommend you use. It is very convenient for creating packages, users and secure your websites. It has a community that already to help you when you get problems on configurating or using it. Supported systems...
  20. Jovani

    How to setup DKIM on DirectAdmin?

    I am having a small problem when setting up DKIM on Directadmin, I have support from Directadmin support staff but not succeed because I'm new to VPS hosting and no more experience on install/config a VPS Anyone can give me tips on how to setup DKIM on DirectAdmin? Your answers will be very...