1. aarlindbajraktari

    What do you think about DigitalOcean

    Hi Forum :) What do you think about DigitalOcean is it worth investing in it on my platform that I have 20k + daily visits and 100k pageviews per month, is it safe and can it withstand so much traffic?. And I would like to see your comments if you have experienced digitalocean because I have...
  2. Bryan McClure

    DigitalOcean vs OVH - What are the differences?

    What are the differences between OVH and DigitalOcean VPS hosting? If I want to own a VPS, which provider should I go with? DigitalOcean or OVH ?
  3. TheCompWiz

    AWS vs. DigitalOcean: Which Cloud Server is Better?

    I would like to buy one cloud hosting from these providers this week but not sure which provider is better. I used DigitalOcean in the past and it is pretty good but never tried AWS. Can any one suggest me?
  4. Maxoq

    Vpsdime vs Digitalocean, which one is better?

    Did anyone use both these hosting providers? there are some recommendations to vpsdime and digitalocean but I have not used them yet. Needing some advice.
  5. MilesWeb

    [UK] Exclusive Offer! Get 25% OFF on Fully Managed DigitalOcean VPS | Starts at £7.50/mo -...

    MilesWeb submitted a new product: [MilesWeb] Managed KVM VPS Hosting | Upto 50% OFF | Servers in India & US - India's Best VPS Hosting Provider Read more about this product...
  6. superman2727

    Digitalocean on Windows 10

    Is Digitalocean is available on Windows 10? Is it advisable to use than other managing sites/apps? I recently read reviews about this Digitalocean and I wanted to know more about it from here. Do they have the tools needed in order to create a better apps? Are the price are good for personal...
  7. TheGodfather

    Digitalocean VPS?

    Hello! Has anyone heard of digitalocean VPS ? I've heard is good for newbies so I wanted to ask did anyone of you used it ? I, myself, am new and would like something simple and also to hear review from you about digitalocean if anyone used it.
  8. Hasan Raza

    DigitalOcean or AWS, which one is the best for Opencart Store?

    DigitalOcean or AWS, which one is the best for Opencart Store?
  9. OnaDavney

    Digitalocean $50 credit?

    I have read several blog posts and they said I can earn $50 credit from Digitalocean to use cloud VPS there for free. How can I obtain this credit? They didn't guide me on blog posts. Does this apply for new users on Digitalocean?
  10. shahroznawaz

    Linode or DigitalOcean which is best?

    For PHP based Applications which is best Linode or DigitalOcean. Keep in mind about Apache, Nginx, PHP-fpm and other PHP services.
  11. JoeTaxpayer

    Linode / DigitalOcean / Vultr Alternatives?

    It looks like Vultr/DigitalOcean/Linode all follow somewhat similar features and pricing, and all are pretty stable and professional. But I want to try a new one or even better than them. Are their any other companies you would recommend to this list that has similar pricing, features, location...
  12. Harry P

    Wable vs Digitalocean?

    Does anyone used VPS services from Wable or Digitalocean? please give me any comparisons on pricing, quality service and support.
  13. Mujkanovic

    Is there a reason why DigitalOcean is more common than OVH VPS?

    I don't know why DigitalOcean is mentioned more than OVH when saying a VPS to start for newbies. Is DigitalOcean is better than OVH by cheaper, better networks or something else? or just DigitalOcean is promoted by their clients to new clients better on blogs or forums?
  14. Kaz Wolfe

    DigitalOcean vs. AWS?

    I used DO but not AWS, DigitalOcean has many good hosting features if you want to start a decent VPS hosting package.Can anyone share some comparison in terms of ecosystem, scalability, ease of setup, pricing between DigitalOcean and AWS? I want to know more services of AWS.
  15. wpspeedster

    What does it take to start web hosting company like DigitalOcean or Vultr?

    I am an affiliate marketer and learning web development and I have some experience with VPS servers. I tried a VPS package from DigitalOcean and Vultr months ago, I have no comment on their service but for their platform, it is really good, I can control my VPS hosting and configs easily. What...
  16. wpspeedster

    Vultr vs. OVH vs. Ramnode vs. Linode vs. Digitalocean?

    I heard of these VPS hosting companies but not tried all their services. Vultr, OVH, Ramnode, Linode and Digitalocean? which one can give you best price, specs...for a strong VPS?
  17. Emilio

    Which is a better host for personal work, Vultr or DigitalOcean?

    What are the differences between Vultr and DigitalOcean? I am moderately skilled in Linux but I am trying to move my work environment to the cloud. I tried VPS from DigitalOcean but not for the cloud and as I know then Digital Ocean seems less expensive. I want to run some small business...