1. djb1829

    10gbit port questions

    Hi I recently acquired 32 core INTEL XEON server 64gb DDR4 ram 8TB SATA 10gbit port However speedtest-cli seems to only really pick up a speed test of around 1500 Mbit/s symmetrical Anyone else have a dedicated server that is on a 10gbit port? It is definitely connected to a 10gbit as it...
  2. Maxoq

    Is remote Mysql connection safe?

    In Plesk control panel, when creating a new mysql database, it has an option to allow mysql database to remotely, is that safe and secure for my website? or should I use local mysql connection only?
  3. Cort Ammon

    Ping, Tracert - Fix Network Connection Problems

    If you're having trouble connecting to a website or network connectivity problems, Windows and other operating systems provide some standard tools that users can use to identify issues. The first one is the ping command. Enter ping and Windows will send packets to Google...
  4. OnaDavney

    Putty connection refused?

    When i am logging into my server using Putty, I got this error: Putty connection refused Is this network error or my hosting is getting down/error? please help. Thanks
  5. R

    About SYN Connection

    Hello! I found some strange processes in my server under some users. The server is using cPanel and Clamav + Malware Detect. Here is what I found. PID USER PR NI VIRT RES SHR S %CPU %MEM TIME+ COMMAND...
  6. DenisMNE

    SSH Connection refused

    I do not know how to fix it. I am sure SSH is running on the server, but I get this: debug1: connect to address port 22: Connection refused Any solution ?
  7. LPTechs

    Running a Traceroute to check for connection issues

    If you are having connection issues and want to pinpoint where the cause is. You can follow the different instructions below (depending on the type of Operating System you have) to run a traceroute. .:|Traceroute|:. You can perform a traceroute by performing the following steps: Windows...
  8. LPTechs

    Common Email Settings for POP/IMAP connection types

    You are trying to set up your email account after signing up for a new hosting plan and just can't seem to get the settings to work. Whether you are using MAC Mail, Thunderbird, Outlook, etc; these are the settings you want to use: Incoming Mail Server: mail.[INSERT YOUR DOMAIN NAME...
  9. LPTechs

    Error Establishing a Database Connection

    There will come a time in every website that uses a database life where you will see the error "Error Establish a Database Connection" Don't worry, this is more common than you think. All this means is (and I am sure you can guess by the error) that someone broke the connection from a...
  10. Chris Worner

    How many 100 Mbps connection to GBs?

    In the place I am working, they are using 100 Mbps connection, how much can they approximately use bandwidth a month? I wan to know how many 100 Mbps connection to GBs? Is there a formula to calculate this?
  11. vinvill

    Whats the best internet connection if i want to work at home dsl or unlimited 4g connection

    Whats the best internet connection if i want to work at home dsl or unlimited 4g connection
  12. jayzel24

    What is the fastest internet connection in the world?

    I wonder what is the fastest internet connection in the world and in what country?
  13. Aaron Lavers

    Why can a VPS connection be disconnected?

    I don't know how often and why I have to restart my VPS to make my websites online, sometimes I saw my VPS down for no reason. due to hosting the network from my hosting provider was not stable?
  14. MooseLucifer

    Transfering files to Windows VPS using remote desktop connection

    The following tips will guide you to upload files from your computer to Windows VPS without using the 3rd services as Mediafire or Dropbox Step 1: Open the Remote Desktop application, select Option Step 2: Select Tab Local ressources like in the picture, select Clipboard and click on...
  15. Shutout

    Creating Facebook Page Without ANY Connection To Personal Profile

    Is there a way to create a Facebook page and have it not show up to my friends that I created a page? I know I can not be "linked to it", but once I create it, will it automatically show up telling all my friends that I created a new page? Also, do messages go through a separate "account" or...
  16. Marc0

    Error 522 CloudFlare - Connection timed out?

    I'm going to use CloudFlare for one of my websites but when I have visited a website then it's showing me this What is it? Does it come from my hosting problem? why Cloudfare doesn't save a cached version?
  17. arronmattwills

    How to create connection between local php and google code project?

    Basically i am an experienced web designer, recently started php and other development skills learning. So currently i am working on a php project. I need to share it with other developers through google code. Google code is very helpful to share our code with any google code developer and so...
  18. K

    How can I get a better skype connection?

    Every time I talk to friends on skype it takes a while for it to work. Some square thing always shows up and says >>There's a problem with this call, Hold on while we try to get the call back<< So how can I fix my connection?