1. Gmeister4

    Can I install Plesk Onyx on Centos 6 or 7?

    Which Os can I install Plesk Onyx? Is it possible to install Plesk Onyx on Centos 6 or 7?
  2. Cort Ammon

    How to use Centos web panel

    Centos Web Panel (CWP) is a hosting manager like Cpanel or Direct Admin that you often use on common shared hosting. But when using VPS you will not be equipped but must install an application on VPS to manage hosting. Because Cpanel, Directadmin are paid control panels that must be purchased...
  3. Dr. McKay

    How to install SSL (HTTPS) for Centos web panel (CWP)?

    I am having a server that running free Centos web panel on Centos 7. I am new to this, I don't knnow how to install HTTPS for this panel and enable https for my websites running on it. Can you guys tell me the way how to install SSL (HTTPS) for Centos web panel (CWP)?
  4. Dr. McKay

    2 different hosting control panels of CentOS Web Panel?

    My hosting provider installed a free hosting control panel for my server, it is CentOS Web Panel After I have the problem to install mysql database and file manager with {1} then they sent me {2} but I am wondering why I can login with 1 IP address with 2 different ports IP_address:2030 {1}...
  5. Chris Worner

    Control panel for Centos 7?

    Can anyone tell me any web hosting control panels that work with Centos 7? I am planning to move from Centos 6 to Centos 7 to use becaus i think Centos 6 will not be supported any more in the near future.
  6. Bryan McClure

    Megacli for Centos 6 or 7?

    Does anybody know how to download/install "megacli" to manage LSI RAID on Centos 6 or 7?
  7. BillEssley

    How to Clear CentOS cache data

    I used CentOS so long on my current VPS and not change to another OS. I think there are some big cache files were created there and if that happened, I would like to Clear CentOS Cache Data to free up my storage for my VPS. What is the best way to clear CentOS cache data?
  8. Bryan McClure

    CentOS Web Panel vs Vestacp, Which one is better?

    I am having a new VPS and wanted to install a free hosting control panel on it because it will cut cost beside paid hosting panels that I am using on other hosting plans. I am considering between CentOS Web Panel vs Vestacp. According to your point of view, which one is better and why? Please...
  9. D

    Debian vs CentOs server?

    Which one do you use ? Which do you prefer. Looking to hear from experienced members. I would like to know advantages and disadvantages of both. Thanks
  10. Kaz Wolfe

    How to Install Bzip2 on CentOS?

    Can you tell me how to Install Bzip2 on CentOS and wha is the use of Bzip2? Honestly I read about Bzip2 on an article but I don't know when can I use this. I need someone explain me :)
  11. HostColor

    CentOS Web Panel - Web Hosting Account Management

    Hi guys, How many of you have tried and used CentOS Web Panel (CWP)? After testing and experimenting it for a month, HC has added it as an alternative to cPanel to all types of IT Hosting services and Cloud instances and I can tell you it is a good server automation panel. Many of our clients...
  12. Bryan McClure

    Is it possible to install Imagemagick on Centos 7?

    I am going to upgrade to Centos 7 for my vps hosting but I don't know I can install imagemagick on this linux distribution or not. ImageMagick is posisble for Centos 7?
  13. S

    Centos 6.8 or 7.2 vps hosting who's the best?

    hello guys i jus wanna know who's the best for vps server centos 6.8 or 7.2 ??
  14. David Beroff

    How to reset CentOS to default?

    I did too many changes or configurations on my CentOS and I could not roll back things I did. How can I reset CentOS to default without reinstall VPS? I am looking for a command to do this task through ssh.
  15. DaRecordon

    Centos or Ubuntu for Wordpress?

    Normally I install Wordpress on a VPS that used Centos but I heard that Ubuntu is also a good choice. I am confusing about this. Do you guys advise me which is better for Wordpress, Centos or Ubuntu?
  16. JOED77

    How to setup several CMS systems in one single local host in CentOs?

    I've got WordPress running in my local host server, now I want to install Joomla, and other systems as well, I can do that with MAMP on Mac, but in want to do it by the book on CentOs.
  17. JOED77

    Why Centos?

    I have used Centos in the past for general purposes, but I see this distro mentioned several times in this section. Is it necessary for hosting, or any Linux will do? What makes it special?
  18. Chris Worner

    Centos 6 vs Centos 7 performance?

    I am using Centos 6 on a VPS and planning to switch to Centos 7 on a new VPS, I don't want to compare all aspects of Centos 6 and Centos 7 but I only wanto know between Centos 6 and Centos 7, which one has better performance? Thanks in advance Chris
  19. K

    Problem with VPS centos 6.5-64 KVM

    Hello anybody can help solve my problem as below when input yum -y update and i found" UDEVD 8244:CANNOT READ '/ETC/UDEV/RULES.D/70-PERSISTENT-NET.RULES "
  20. Dopani

    Can I install Plesk Onyx on Centos 7?

    I'd like to know if Plesk Onyx can on Centos 7 or not? what is the best OS to install Plesk Onyx on?