1. MooseLucifer

    Tips to optimize LEMP server on CentOS

    After installation is complete LEMP on CentOS, you will need to make some customizations to ensure that the system works faster, speeding up website. Below are some of their operations done every time you install the server. 1. Enable gzip compression Open the file to install nginx sudo nano...
  2. zwol

    What is Centos Web Panel and how to install it?

    Like cPanel and WHM which you regularly use it, Centos Web Panel (CWP) is used to manage everything on the server through using user interface without using command lines which can make you bored. Unlike virtualmin or Koloxo, the CWP has installed completely then you can run a WordPress site in...
  3. regularjoe

    What is Fail2Ban and how to use it on CentOS?

    I heard of Fail2Ban from my hosting provider but not sure what it is and how to use it. Does any one give me a guide about it?
  4. zwol

    Instructions to install Memcached on CentOS

    Memcached is a cache system which works by temporarily storing information or data in RAM. Due to the speed of read-write memory always being faster than reading files from the hard drive or even solid state drive, the memcached stored files should help speed up your system considerably. Models...
  5. tonymyers

    Debian or Centos or Ubuntu for VPS?

    I am checking a VPS package but when choosing an OS for it then I am getting confused. I want to know which OS will make my sites run smooth on VPS? Centos or Ubuntu or Debian? What are advantages of Centos or Ubuntu or Debian?
  6. Kal K

    CentOS or Ubuntu, which is better for an unmanaged VPS hosting?

    Hi, I am getting confused between choosing CentOS and Ubuntu OS, which is better for unmanaged VPS hosting? For previous hosting package, I am choosing Centos for my vps but I am wondering if Ubuntu is better?
  7. Kal K

    What is the difference between CentOS and Ubuntu OS?

    Hi, Could any one explain me what is the difference between CentOS and Ubuntu VPS hosting?
  8. Jovani

    Easy ways to install WordPress completely on CentOS 6

    Hello, Although I install wordpress successfully on CentOS 6 but I still want to know easy ways or other ways to install WordPress completely on CentOS 6? What are your ways?