1. MooseLucifer

    How to Install Varnish Cache On Centos 6.8 64 bit

    Varnish is a cache system is used to speed up the server, especially with large systems and more traffic. Varnish works by caching page content into RAM and immediately returned to the user upon request but not through handling from PHP or MySQL. Steps to Install Varnish Cache On Centos 6.8 64...
  2. Bryan McClure

    How to reset root password in CentOS 6

    I want to change password in CentOS 6 without reinstalling my VPS. Normally I can get the password when I reinstall my VPS to my email but what will be happened if I forget my root password on my Centos 6. Where and how can I reset root password in CentOS 6?
  3. MooseLucifer

    Installing Adobe Flash Player on your CentOS Linux

    In this post I will guide you install adobe flash player on your CentOS Linux. Whatever you are using Windows or Linux, I am sure you will use a desktop operating system and when you need to install adobe flash player plugin for your web browsers to view flash videos on the internet. It is same...
  4. Mihai B.

    How to install Google Pagespeed on CentOS 6.x?

    Many web hosting providers recommended to install Google Pagespeed on the VPS to improve the performance of a website like speed or increasing marks on Google Pagespeed Insight of Google. Is this information exact and if so, how to install Google Pagespeed on your CentOS 6.x?
  5. Cort Ammon

    How to install Fail2Ban and protect your SSH on CentOS

    Fail2ban is a background application monitoring log file to detect the wrong IP address logged SSH password multiple times. Fail2ban uses iptables firewall rules to block IP addresses immediately with a predetermined time period. Install fail2ban We will install fail2ban through Repo EPEL yum...
  6. Cort Ammon

    Tips to install vsftpd on CentOS 6

    To be able to use the common FTP programs on a CentOS server, you need to install additional programs vsftp. Vs here means "very secure" :) Install vsfptd Run the following command sudo yum install vsftpd Also we need to install the FTP client sudo yum install ftp Once...
  7. StartVM

    How to deploy a CentOS 7 LAMP Stack

    You can find many different tutorials online on how to compile a LAMP stack, but most of them lack content, and usually only give a few commands such as installing apache and php, etc. This tutorial covers everything you can/should do from the initial login to your VPS/Dedicated Server to the...
  8. Kaz Wolfe

    Zip & Unzip on VPS CentOS

    First off, you need to install the zip / unzip tool from the shell command. In the Application> System Tools> Terminal. You log into as root account, type the following commands to install zip and unzip program on Debian or Ubuntu Linux: apt-get install zip apt-get install unzip OR sudo...
  9. Cort Ammon

    How to install and upgrade PHP 7 for CentOS and Ubuntu

    PHP 7 was officially launched, if you want to install PHP 7 to experience the speed of it, so I wrote this article guide you to upgrade to PHP 7 for CentOS and Ubuntu operating system and configuration for Apache web server and nginx. Note that in PHP 7 has many functions have been removed so...
  10. Luxin Host

    [Tutorial] How to Install OpenVPN server on VPS

    Why would you do this? this way you can reach absolute anonymity at your own control where logs are kept by you. In addition you do not have to share resources and face downtimes by VPN providers or you can start you own VPN service. 1.) Depending on your version of Centos download enter the...
  11. Bryan McClure

    How to have a Proxy Server on VPS Centos 6?

    I read on a few articles if you have a Proxy Server, you can access websites that your internet providers blocked them or increase the speed for downloading files on free download sites. If I own a VPS with Centos 6, can I have a Proxy Server on it or I need to buy one?
  12. wpspeedster

    How to Install VestaCP on CentOS

    There are good reviews on this hosting control panel and I want to give it a try. Anyone installed VestaCP on CentOS, what requirements do I need to install it on a VPS?
  13. hostingcoupons

    Sentora or CentOS Web Panel?

    I have heard more good feedback about two web hosting panels but I have not ever used them before. Can some hosting experts share me which one is better and why? I want to try a free hosting control panel because I don't have good budget to buy license for paid panels like cPanel, Plesk or...
  14. tlhIngan

    How To Install Redis and phpRedisAdmin on CentOS 6

    I read more about Redis cache solution for vitural private server (VPS) and I installed on my VPS with centos 6 but it was failed. How can I install Redis and a web interface for Redis (phpRedisAdmin) on CentOS 6, my using web server is apache with php 5.5? I mean I will have phpRedisAdmin to...
  15. Zarko

    CentOS 6 or 7, which one supports the best for hosting control panels?

    I want to install a free hosting control panel on an unmanaged vps, I was recommended some free ones like centos web panel, vesta or webmin but I don't know which is support the best for these hosting panels, CentOS 6 or 7 version?
  16. Aaron Lavers

    How to change a server's hostname in CentOS

    Using a text editor like nano sudo nano /etc/sysconfig/network Modify the HOSTNAME= value to match your FQDN hostname. HOSTNAME=yoruserver.domain.com For internal networking, find at at /etc/hosts to change the host that is associated with the main IP address for your server...
  17. Terrance

    How to check if my Centos is placed on SSD?

    I think have installed Centos on SSD but I'm not sure and I want to check this on my VPS. But I am not sure how?
  18. MooseLucifer

    How to install Redis on CentOS 6/7

    Redis fully supports similar functions to Memcached but retrieve and load data faster than memcached. In this thread, I will guide you to install Redis on CentOS, configure Redis to work on WordPress and Magento. Instructions for installing Redis To Redis can work with Magento, we will need...
  19. MooseLucifer

    How to install DirectAdmin on CentOS 6.x 64bit

    Beside cPanel, DirectAdmin is a great web hosting control panel that I would recommend you use. It is very convenient for creating packages, users and secure your websites. It has a community that already to help you when you get problems on configurating or using it. Supported systems...
  20. Mihai B.

    How to install WHM/cPanel on CentOS VPS

    I want to install WHM/cPanel on CentOS VPS myself. How to have a VPS enough RAM and disk storage to install WHM/cPanel. Any guides?