1. Athenaxstories

    Need suggestions on hosting

    Hi i used verpex silver plan for 2 years which comes with 2GB LVE Memory Limit 2 vCPU Cores 30 Entry Processes as my site grow big it also become very slow and i decided to change hosting provider i always wanted to save money and looked for cheap hosting last week i changed to dreamhost...
  2. Comics0026

    Domain name suggestions

    Does anyone have any suggestions to help make a notable and easy to remember domain name? Something more than having it just be the company name, like with something interesting instead of .com. Thanks!
  3. dennisbation

    Web hosting suggestions?

    Any recommendation if where can I find the best web hosting companies? I don't have any idea specially for me, a beginner with no experience in coding or web designs.
  4. bountysite

    Website Bug Bounty Security pricing suggestions

    I have been going back and forth on how to provide Bug Bounty program for Hosting. Bounty Program is a reward program where security researchers get paid for discovering and reporting software bugs. So, the idea is to get paid for every severe threat/new malware in site. The site is backed up...
  5. Webhost_Allie

    Blog and Ads Customization Tools Suggestions

    I'm just starting out on a new blog catering to a particular niche who are mostly mobile users. So I'm looking for some tips or tools for blogs and ads customization for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. What tools can you recommend for starters? How was your experience using...
  6. Dr. McKay

    Suggestions to have 10 new websites with lowest price?

    I am going to open 10 new websites on different niches, from posts on this forum I chose as main domain registrar, not sure there are some that offering lower price for .com domain than namesilo $6.9 for per .com domain ? :) The rest, I will buy shared hosting plans because I don't...
  7. Medhahosting

    Looking for Suggestions /Opinions on a VPS Offer

    Hello Dear Friends, We would like to ask the community to evaluate our offer if it is worth to release or not? Managed Plesk VPS 24/7 Support Included Plesk Control Panel - Unlimited Domains Version CPU 2 VPCU E5 Series. Memory - 4 GB DDR3. DISK 400 GB SSD. IPS 2. Price: $50 to $60...
  8. techman

    Comparing the loading speeds with different hosts - any suggestions?

    Hi, any suggestions on how to measure the loading speeds with different hosts as accurately as possible? Since there are no speed comparisons on the hosts I'm interested in, I'm planning to do it myself, by how should I do that in your opinion? I'm thinking of uploading the same exact sites to...
  9. VirtuBox

    Small suggestions

    Hello ! I have two small suggestions for the forum. It's what i have seen when i have started to browse here. 1) Adding a link to the lounge in the navbar. I have find the lounge "by error" by clicking in a post on the sidebar. It will be easier to access it from the navbar...
  10. Liliana

    Need suggestions to buy a fast VPS hosting

    Hello there, Our team is going to buy a new VPS next week, we are owning a VPS at this time but due to number of our websites are pretty much, we need the second VPS to share websites between 2 VPS. Budget $30 to $45. Linux hosting, prefer managed VPS, include Cpanel, SSD, 50 to 150 GB...
  11. HypnPro

    Any Suggestions on how to get some quality Mental Health related link exchanges?

    I've been working on building up the SEO on my primary hypnotherapy website. I'm not sure if I can post the URL here so I won't. The most difficult part is developing ways to get more dofollow backlinks from relevant sites. So far, I've found it to be very labor intensive with very poor results...
  12. Kal K

    Any Suggestions should I create a Plugin?

    I am thinking a new idea to promote and increase SEO score for my site by creating a wordpress plugin and wonder if any fellow webmasters have suggestions on the best way to about getting it built. Should I go overseas? Partner with someone? What are the rough costs? Pitfalls to avoid...
  13. Novakin

    Website Feedback !

    Hi, my name is Alek and im new to this forum. I didn't know about this forum till webmastersun followed me on twitter so i make a visit and its great and followed back, glad to find this place as im web designer. It was hard for me to find where to start here, so i run into this thread because i...