1. reggaejones

    Quick Youtube Video Ranking

    I found a quick way to rank a youtube video on the first page of Youtube which will lead to the First page of Google. All you have to do is rename the video file with your keywords before you upload it to Youtube. And you want to right click on the video file and go into the properties of the...
  2. leesaaugustin

    Ranking going down

    when can ranking go down? 1. I am building good content and links, with no spamming. 2. Back links they are do follow & 10% no-follow. 3. Back links are coming from high PR site. 4. Back links are indexing. can developing back links regularly be a solution?
  3. Maxoq

    Change URLs can affect to SEO ranking?

    Hi, I'm new to the forum, I want to know if I change more blog URLs to new URLs, it can affect to SEO or keyword ranking on search engine? How to keep search ranking while change to a new ULR? Do i need to use htaccess or 301 redirection? Pleas guide me.
  4. pathfinder

    Does Google PageRank affect Google SERP Ranking?

    My friends said me if I have high PR on a page then my keyword on that page will have higher rankings on search results than competitors has lower PR. Is it right? if yes then why?
  5. johnyplex

    Twitter page can ranking on first page of google

    Researching keywords on Google search results I found some twitter pages can be listed on first page with my keyword searching. Why Twitter could do that and Twitter is really useful for SEO for my site?
  6. S

    Best way to get better search ranking

    SEO is the first priority before start to develop and design a new website. Without SEO no one can stand in this internet world, but what if you don't know what is going to work? I am analyze competitors website and pick an article, after that I research on that post article from other blogs...
  7. TinPete

    The Complete List of Google Ranking Factors

    Google uses more than 200 factors to rank your website, Google will not clear what factors are most important. Reason sure you also know that they are constantly changing algorithms The website ranked by Google handled very sophisticated , your website will be evaluated through a lot of...
  8. msWendy

    Does Hosting Speed Actually Impacts Search Ranking?

    My boss told me that a fast hosting can help improving SEO scores or search rankings over other competitors? Is it true or not? He also mentioned to Google PageSpeed Insights as great tool to check this point Anyone confirms me it's right:ohmy:
  9. Joseph_Hill

    How to get Alexa ranking around 40K?

    I have a blog 210K alexa 350K and a community 120K Alexa, I want to decrease this around 40K when checking my sites with Alexa Does anyone know how to improve Alexa ranking and get Alexa ranking around 40K for my site?
  10. marco

    Need SEO experts to point out issues that keeps me from ranking high?

    Hi guys no matter what I do I gust can't get my site ranking on the first page of Google! The funny thing is that it almost gets there and in many case shows a few times on top 10 results but then looses all rankings and drops to the second or third page. Please could some SEO expert tell me...
  11. B

    SEO Ranking Strategy

    How do we can improve the traffic to the website which in return promote us in Commerce? For any website?
  12. R

    Confuse of page ranking!!

    I am confuse about the page rank & why it is important in online internet marketing? Does anyone know about this? Any suggestation would be appreciated!!
  13. T

    WTS Keyword Ranking Report for your website.

    tuk485 submitted a new resource: Keyword Ranking Report for your website. - Keyword Ranking Report for your website. Read more about this resource...
  14. S

    WTS Seo services - Top 10 ranking

    starcaller submitted a new resource: Seo services - Top 10 ranking - Seo services - Top 10 ranking Read more about this resource...