1. Sheldon Allen

    Website design Vs Ranking

    How a website design or a template affect our website ranking?
  2. professorrosado

    Website Design: Better Ranking Strategies

    What features on a website have you found to improve rankings? Things that you didn't have before but when you did add them, you noticed an improvement in rankings or traffic?
  3. pabitra

    Friendly URL is a ranking factor in SEO?

    All websites are using SEO friendly URL but I am wondering if I switch to raw URLs like myfile.php?id=89943 Can it affect to search engine optimization?
  4. sallysaleh

    Will no follow backlinks help SEO ranking?

    Hi there, I know search engines like google will count the no follow backlinks. but my question is will the no follow backlinks affect my seo and my site ranking. for example if I have let say 500 no follow backlinks, will my search position increase in google or not. Thanks all.
  5. Gustav

    Is HTTPS a ranking signal?

    I read about https as a ranking signal from google but not sure it's worth to go with... I have seen more websites switched from http to https but I don't see good results when I have got a comparison with websites without https. Are you using it? is it worth it?
  6. andersonbruce

    Google places VS position one ranking above the places.

    Hi Guys, Will creating a new Google places listing for a business have any effect their current position one spot for their major geo location keyword? I.e restaurants perth - say they are ranking no 1 above all the places listings if they set up a places listing would they lose that...
  7. tonymyers

    Do advertisements affect ranking?

    If you have lots of advertisements on your website then they will affect your ranking or make you ranking lower than competitors who has few or no ads on their web pages? Any suggestions?
  8. jatinder

    Do 404 Errors hurt the website ranking?

    My website has three 404 errors. Are they harmful for the websites ranking?
  9. markdenz

    Alexa ranking decreses by 6 million in one day

    Alexa ranking decreses by 6 million in one day after i put alexa code in my website I think it will continue to decrease its more accurate then the tool bar estimation, i would recommend it if you are getting high traffic and your alexa mumber is still high, me yesterday 21 500 000 but today...
  10. pabitra

    Does a DMOZ listing affect my Google search engine ranking?

    I just want to know if my site get listed in Dmoz directory then it can improve Google search engine ranking or not? If yes, why? Thank in advance
  11. rozzski89

    Why my keywords are not ranking on 1st page of google?

    Hey SEO experts, I have a blog which 20 keywords on first page of search engine results (G) and they are on 6th and 7th positions and i want to rank up them to the top 1st... please suggest me what are the most appropriate methods to rank up my keywords. what SEO rules should I follow now...
  12. NadirAziz

    What are the main rules for ranking long tail Keywords?

    As a newbie in blogging niche, I would like to know from experts' experience what are the main rules for ranking long tail keywords? how can implement these keywords in my blog to rank higher than my competitors. Thanks Nadiraziz
  13. Maxwell

    is Alexa ranking real?

    Hi, I noticed one of blogs ranking keep dropping from 120k now to 300k while its traffic is increasing according to google analytics. is Alexa ranking real or it's only for advertising purpose?
  14. margarita

    Why Google.co.uk is ranking different from Google.com?

    I am getting confused when comparing my keywords on gogole.com and google.co.uk A keyword is ranked well on pos #12 google.com while google.co.uk is #35, what makes the difference? Anyone explains for me?
  15. BryanF

    Does business listing help in keyword ranking?

    Hi webmasters, I am wondering does business listing websites help to improve keyword ranking in search engines. and what are things that I should keep in mind while doing do. Need your experts' advice
  16. NichelleRae

    Change website template, can it hurt your SEO ranking?

    I would keep the content on all the pages of my website but change its web template to a better new looking design, can it hurt my web site SEO ranking? If I change, which ones do I need to keep to maintain my SEO rankings? All your suggestions are appreciated.
  17. jigsawtrading

    Ranking my site from Blogger

    Hi webmastersun members, I want to start using blogger to start SEO and web design tips and tricks, my question is: How can use blogger to increase ranking for my main site? or it has any benefit if I make external links from blogger to my site? please share your suggestions
  18. itsmyluckyday

    Does website pagerank affect keyword ranking on SERPs?

    Hi, I'm new here and I have a question on SEO Does website pagerank affect keyword ranking on SERPs? Does website have higher PR, higher positions on search results they have, is it correct?
  19. Z

    Are there really any free autosurfing tools which can improve alexa ranking ?

    I tried many Autosurfing tools & Websites which claimed to improve Alexa Rank but most of them were only doing the opposite what they claimed.
  20. art247

    Do nofollow links have any effect on keywords ranking?

    Hello, I don't know why more SEOer building nofollow links on forums or blogs. Do nofollow links have any effect on keywords ranking? Does any one confirm me it's an effective way to increase keywords rankings although it's nofollow links. Thanks