1. Maxoq

    How to allow to pay directly with credit card?

    Normally my client pay me via Paypal but they request to pay directly with their credit card but I don't have this payment method. My question is, how to allow my client to pay direct with their credit or debit card? Many thanks!
  2. Philippe Gaucher


    Hi everyone, I can not access, its showing this error on my browser This error came from my browser or from Paypal? how to fix it? Thanks
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  4. Xarzu

    How do I get a paypal button on one of my pages?

    So, first of all, I have a paypal account. I logged into paypal and I asked them to give me the code for a button. The problem is that after I copied the generated code into my clip board and then pasted it into my text editor, what I got was a whole lot of nothing. It has some <div> tags and...
  5. Require

    Paypal Safe 2020?

    So I saw this news for a week now nothing new or updated basically Paypal has gotten hacked and I wanted to register (Make a Paypal) account so I wanted to if its still safe to use today now with this news any...
  6. zainhosting

    Looking for a Payment Partner with Business Paypal to Accept Payments Internationally

    Hello, Looking for a Payment Partner (person) with Business Paypal to Accept Payments Internationally, at this time I am receiving INTL payments through BTC, perfect money, payza and skrill, because I don't have a business paypal. So if anyone can help me in this issue so we can start a...
  7. Marcus_SM

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  8. S

    Can anyone suggest sites that offer Online jobs with a stable pay that pays through Paypal?

    I'm interested in applying on sites that iffer online jobs. I want to earn an exrra income for my household and one idea that came to my mind is to apply for online jobs. Please it woud greatly help me if you guys would suggest sites that offer online jobs without experience. You may also share...
  9. Gmeister4

    How to setup a Recurring payment for a Paypal account?

    Is there a way to setup a Recurring payment for a Paypal account's client? I find this feature on web systems but I don't see where and how to setup it on Paypal. Can you guide me?
  10. Mujkanovic

    Unknown payment from OVH on my Paypal account?

    Today my Paypal account is charged with an auto payment $5.26 USD from OVH, the problem is I didn't buy this extra VPS service from OVH for my current VPS or I don't know this is a kind of payment needs to pay OVH. Does anyone know or what is it? Here is the info on my Paypal account Why...
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  12. Kaz Wolfe paypal?

    Last year I wanted to buy a dedicated sever at but they only accept credit and I was not ready with this paymewnt method. I could pay them with Paypal at that time but they didn't accept. I am not sure this year 2018 they will accept pay through Paypal or not? and why they only accept...
  13. Lost93

    Buying Bitcoin with Paypal? Does anyone have experience?

    Is it possible to buy Bitcoin with Paypal? And if so, how can this be done? Does anyone have experience in this? Thank you in advance for the answers.
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  15. manoaratefy

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  16. TheGodfather

    How to check withdrawal limit paypal?

    How can I check what is the withdrawal limit on PayPal ? I am using it right now and can not see that option. I do not use paypal that often and forgot where all the options are and it got me confused now.
  17. Maxoq

    How to create Paypal sandbox account for testing?

    I want to create Paypal sandbox account for testing sending/receiving payments on my new websites? What is the easy and fast way to do this? in the past, I did a time but I forgot how I did. Can any one guide me?
  18. Waqass

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  19. Danalana

    Is Venmo a less safer method of payment than Paypal?

    I heard somewhere that Paypal and Venmo are actually affiliated with each other, so I was wondering if they both have the same amount of security. I usually use paypal to recieve my payments. Would using venmo to recieve my payments be less safe?
  20. junrose123

    How much is the fee for transferring PayPal funds to your visa card?

    I am a new member in some online jobs and I am wondering the fees that PayPal will be deducting when transferring a fund directly to your visa card such as Paymaya for an instance. I will be glad to know your idea regarding in this query. I hope you can help me to know more about it.