operating system

  1. leoandrew

    Which Windows Operating System version recommended for my old laptop?

    My old Samsung Laptop has Intel Celeron 2 cores 1.10ghz max speed of processor with only 2gb of ram. I'm thinking to reformat it to make it better and faster if can, but I'm not sure if Windows 10 can make a difference here, currently, it has a 64bit Windows 8.0 installed and somehow I can't...
  2. CyberAlchemist

    How to choose an operating system for a virtual private server (VPS)?

    Every time I chose a VPS I find difficult to choose an OS for my VPS. If my sites are PHP sites with MySQL databases then what operating systems will be good for My VPS? CentOS 6 CentOS 7 Ubuntu Debian Which is more stable, secure and help my VPS run fast? why?
  3. Emilio

    How did you choose an operating system for your web hosting plan?

    The majority of PHP websites are hosted on a linux based OS such as debian, largely due to Microsoft having a bad reputation for security. Recently IIS has improved and is capable of hosting websites securely, should we take a chance with IIS or stick with linux?
  4. PaulSmurphyy7

    Which operating system do you prefer?

    The "Mac vs PC" debate has been going on for years but what do you prefer? I'm a PC guy but thinking about switching to Mac soonish. It would be quite interesting to see which is the preferred choice within this forum :)
  5. jitendrasurve

    Which operating system you like?

    I like working on windows 8, as it is more faster than xp and windows 7 and even it has lots of apps.