1. shivambhatele

    Looking for Graphic Design Book

    Hello Everyone, I am looking for a graphic design book to grow my skills in designing. I have checked on google to find graphic design books and found some author's books but I am confused about which one is better. Can anyone know the best book for a beginner point?
  2. jannah

    Interview for graphic designer position

    Hi, I just want to ask what is the best answer when the interviewer ask you "What qualities and skills should a good graphic designer have?" I'm practicing to answer some possible questions so if I am already in the interview I can answer it directly and with confident. Thank you in advance.
  3. jannah

    What are the questions of every graphic desinger for their clients?

    I know every graphic artist have a questions for their clients. Can you share what are the basic questions you asked to have a wonderful design or outcome for your clients.
  4. Kopaje

    Help me to improve my website!!!

    Can you please look at one of the sites from my portfolio? So about a few days ago I did a website redesign, check it out: What do you think about its design?
  5. Malcolmjr96

    Looking for Feedback regarding Graphic Request Section

    Hello ForumWeb, We're interested in your feedback and any suggestions that you may have. Please reply to this thread with your feedback and or suggestions. Much appreciated!
  6. Malcolmjr96

    Graphic request for digitalcached

    Name (Of company or project): Digital Cached Type of Graphic: logo, banners, social media profile pics, and favicon Main Colours: black yellow white. Details (include screenshots here): it's going to be place on a black background, needs to be relating to coding and technology. Notes:
  7. Malcolmjr96

    Graphic request for imCached

    Name (Of company or project): imCached Type of Graphic: logo Main Colours: blue, white and black Details (include screenshots here): computer related, imCached means that you're cached. I'm going to let you guys go wild, get creative. But if you wish to go off by something; maybe a tall guy that...
  8. Malcolmjr96

    Graphic Request - Info (Read first before requesting)

    Graphics Request Section Dear ForumWeb.Hosting Community, I am pleased to announce on behalf of ForumWeb team of a new forum section was added. The creation of the Graphic request forum, we believe will better provide to your needs with your websites, other productions and will increase the...
  9. David Beroff

    How to find a good graphic designer?

    I am planning in redesign my website and needing logos for new sites. I want to find a professional graphic designer to do custom works. How to find a good graphic designer? What is your experience?
  10. denvercardonations

    Graphic designers know everything. Does anyone here know where good PDF hosting can be found?

    Non, spammy resources, and not places that will delete your files in 30 days or something. In addition, somewhere you can host that will allow search engines to crawl and index the pdf naturally.
  11. Marc0

    Is it worth it to start a graphic design business online?

    Hi, Are you guys in graphic design field? what do you think it is worth it to start a graphic design business online? I want to learn graphic design because I saw this service are popular on fiverr, seoclerks and other graphic marketplaces...etc..where they are earning good money, right?
  12. Namoh

    Graphic Tablet (Huion)

    I'm considering purchasing a graphic tablet to easier create logos and other things and I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with the Huion tablets? Specifically this one. Thanks
  13. P

    The Field of Graphic Arts

    Graphics is related to any written or printed words and even symbols. It may convey meaning through the use of visual arts skills. The field of graphic arts includes many kinds of work in the printing and publishing industries. Graphic arts professionals are involved in the creation of all kinds...
  14. K

    Reviving Your Creativity for Graphic Designing

    Web development organizations recruit graphic designers for their expertise in making custom graphic designs for the website of their clients. It is the skills and talents of the graphic designers that the website of their clients' are created. When you are searching to rekindle your creativity...
  15. BleepingDesign

    Please review my Logo and Graphic Designing Website

    Hello Webmasters, Website: Bleeping Design: We have changed our website design. I would like to get your views on the navigation, looks, color combination and other details. Also let me know if you would like see some extra features. Your input is always...
  16. nick

    JPG vs. GIF vs. PNG, Which is best for web graphic?

    Hi friends, can any one can show me advantages of JPG, GIF, PNG for graphics on website and according to you, which is best for web graphic? please share your suggestions
  17. DavidLux

    Web Design .vs Graphic Design?

    Hello, If you can choose 1 from 2 fields Web design and Graphic design then which one you will select for your job ? of course, on aspects like salary, your hobby...etc can you share some thoughts ?
  18. Marc0

    What is the best way to start up Freelance graphic design ?

    Hello, I went to learn for Graphic Design a few years ago, and have been getting small actions to break into the market. It's difficult to discover a place start for a developer in my place and want to try and freelance on the side, and maybe even make it fulltime. What is the best way to...
  19. Marc0

    What is a good free program to make graphic designs?

    I want to make a desgin on my computer that i can put on a t-shirt for my company. I was thinking if any one knew of a free program i can do this on.... thanks
  20. Marc0

    What kept you in Graphic Design?

    Hello, Many of us know, and have been requested, how we got into design but how many of you know why you're still in it? I'd also like to discuss about how near individuals think they were to going down a absolutely different path in life. Any thoughts? Thanks.