email marketing

  1. techteacherdebashree

    Does this type of email marketing work?

    If I collect email through email extractor and upload on email tool, are these email work really?
  2. G

    How to do email marketing for web hosting services?

    I think to do email marketing for hosting services. Share some of your experiences
  3. djsmiley2k

    Email marketing services?

    Can you suggest me some Email marketing services that allow me to send email newsletters to my subscribers? I have a huge list but I am afraid if I send it from my hosting, it will be failed. I need a good service for this. Please suggest me. Many thanks!
  4. CyberAlchemist

    Do you use a Wordpress plugin for email marketing?

    Do you think email marketing is dying or not? if not, have you used a wordpress plugin for sending emails, newsletter. I have recently found such plugin that sends emails, so that I have not to paid monthly for costly autoresponders like Aweber or Mailchimp. why everybody didn't do that way...
  5. Julzwriter

    What frustrates you most about email marketing?

    I would just love to know what makes email marketing hard for you? What about email marketing would you need most help with?
  6. Julzwriter

    Review My Email Marketing Service Website

    Hi, So I have just set up a new website. I would like to get some reviews of it. The landing page is here and the home page is on this link Let me know what you think. Will...
  7. sunshine5637

    Promoting ClickBank products via email marketing?

    I'm not sure if this question goes in this forum or not, so I apologize if I'm in the wrong place... I'm thinking of email marketing. Since I'm new to this and really just want to see how it goes, what if I sign up for ClickBank and promote their products via email marketing? Does anyone...
  8. Princety

    Here are my 10 Best Email Marketing Practices for 2016 and Beyond, what are yours?

    I just want to share my best practices from what I do and learned from doing email marketing. Feel free to share yours! so we can help a lot of people using email marketing. And since 2015 is nearly ending, let us share this practices that you think will work for years to come. So here are my...
  9. Adam Yunker

    WTB Buying a Long Lasting email marketing followup sequence

    Adam Yunker submitted a new resource: Buying a Long Lasting email marketing followup sequence - Buying a Long Lasting email marketing followup sequence Read more about this resource...
  10. Eoon

    Any alternatives to email marketing?

    Hey Guys, If I can not use email marketing for my marketing campaigns then what are alternatives to email marketing? I am going to buy advertising on high traffic websites, social networks or forums to increase traffic for my site. are they right ways? What are your suggestions?
  11. yunarel

    Is Email Marketing still effective and can it make you money?

    Nowadays almost mail servers has their own spam filters and your emails can be delivered to spam box, I often used to wonder if email marketing is still worth the investment. Regardless of your field, the right strategy and content can make the difference between mail being trashed or...
  12. crystalallen

    Differences between email marketing & affiliate marketing?

    Can anyone please tell me what is the difference between email marketing & affiliate marketing?
  13. sallysaleh

    How much are you making from email marketing?

    Hi all, I wonder if email marketing still work. and if the social media like facebook has replaced it. For example if I have an optin list of 5000 people to my business and marketing list. and I sell a product of $30. How many sale I may expect to get from one email send. Thanks indeed
  14. paulgl

    Benefits of using email marketing services?

    What are the benefits of using email marketing services instead of using email server for delivering newsletter? Any shares?
  15. pabitra

    Real Name or Company Name in Email Marketing Campaign?

    I'm writing a new ebook that I will give away through a squeeze page where I got the list, and I will be sending follow up emails through getresponse. I would like to know if I should use my real name as the name in my follow up emails or should I use a "company name" then which will be...
  16. AlexGeorge

    The formula for a better email marketing strategy

    Hi everyone, I am curious about what you are thinking now about building your list from an email marketing strategy Should you email them right away with an offer, an introduction, a free download or a promotion? Should you email them every day or each week or each month? Should you giving...
  17. johnyplex

    6 Tips to Keep Your Email Marketing Campaign Out of the Spam Folder

    Research has shown that 20% of emails never reaches the inbox of the recipient because it has been blocked in error by a spam filter. It is surprising that the sender and not the provider of email services has greater influence on the ability to deliver. Although your solutions provider email...
  18. Michele D.

    Best Tips to write Email Marketing Successfully?

    Hi everyone, Would you mind sharing me best tips to write email marketing successfully that it worked with you what is for email title, message and what needs to noted to avoid failing in email marketing? please share your experience.
  19. Alex_smith

    Somebody share some tips on email marketing strategies?

    Hi webmasters, I'm a web developer and have been in online business for a while... Can you share some tips on email marketing strategies for getting more sales? which things I should follow in email marketing that avoid failing an strategy? and from your experience, what conversion rate per...
  20. Rodney

    How to Grow Your Email Marketing List

    Email is the most direct way of communicating with people. So, it's important to have an email list. Even though this is so important for an online marketing business, lots of people still don't have an email list. Because they think it's hard or difficult to start, yet it's not. Here are three...