domain names

  1. harrygreen90

    To Hold or Release Unused Domain Names?

    Hello everyone, I find myself pondering a dilemma that I suspect many of you have faced at one point or another in your digital endeavors. Over the years, I've accumulated a handful of domain names. Each was purchased with a vision in mind, projects that ranged from personal blogs to potential...
  2. David Beroff

    The best way to remind me to renew my domain names?

    Hey everyone, I'm on the lookout for the best strategies or tools out there to help remind me to renew my domain names. Managing multiple domains can be quite the juggling act, and I want to make sure I don't let any of them lapse by accident. If you have any personal recommendations, whether...
  3. TheCompWiz

    What are the safest ways when buying and selling domain names?

    I have a domain to sell but I am confusing if a person asks to buy it. How to transfer domain name to them and get money from them safely or without scams?
  4. HostingORA

    Webhosting review

    Would like to get reviews on this website. Web hosting reseller. Thanks
  5. Optinet

    Optinet Hosting [Shared hosting from $0.99, VPS Hosting from $34.99, Dedicated Servers $66.08] 3

    We are a group of enthusiastic engineers striving to bring affordable hosting to all individuals and businesses small and large. We focus towards quality hardware and unmatched technical support.
  6. Chris Worner

    Expired domain names with high traffic?

    Is there a way or tool to check expired domain names with high traffic? I want to buy expired domains but I don't know about tools to start with. Any help?
  7. Maxoq

    What is the maximum renewal term at the current period?

    Can you tell me what is the maximum renewal term at the current period? If I want to renew my domain for 12 years or 15 years, it is possible?
  8. TheBoss

    Fast SSD cPanel Hosting

    Try our superior hosting for with a 25 percent discount! A deal like this can't last forever but this discount will!
  9. Kaz Wolfe

    Buy bulk domain names at Namecheap?

    I want to buy around 10 domain names .com at Namecheap because its price is better than others. What do you think about this? is there any discount can I apply to get lower price at Namecheap?
  10. exa-edward

    Last Day Promotion .COM Domain Name Registrations $3.99 only 2018-06-08

    Hi all members, For .COM Domain Name Registrations promotion price with $3.99, today will be the last day promotion. For more detail you can visit our website by clicking this link : You may using this coupon code to purchase .COM Domain...
  11. argel241

    Why are domain names so important in online business?

    I am planning to start selling some stuff online but one thing to consider is choosing the right domain.When it comes to e-commerce, finding the right domain need to be considered first.How important it is and why?
  12. Emily Routledge

    Can I buy domain names like this?

    I want to buy a few domain names like this or but I am not sure it is valid because these domains include Google, Twitter, Facebook in the URL. It it possible to start any domains like that?
  13. energizedit

    A new chapter for eNom

    Just received notification that Tucows has bought Enom. This is pretty big news. Anyone have any opinions on Tucows and how they are with their domain name service?
  14. David Beroff

    How to buy 30 domain names at a lowest price

    I want to invest into small websites and wanted to buy more domain names at a time, how can I get 30 domain names at a lowest price and I also want lowest price for next years if possible. Does any one give me an advice?
  15. AFA Med

    Enabling Let's Encrypt SSL certificate on Apache for 2 domain names

    Hi, I tried to get Let's Encrypt certificates for both my www and non-www domain names, then redirect all the requests to I installed certbot on my OVH VPS, then I tried many attempts to get both certificates: 1) I tried an all-in-one command: certbot --apache -d...
  16. denvercardonations

    I have a question about domain names and incoming links

    I have noticed that domain names with lots of inbound links get squatted on. But, doesn't Google somehow "remove" the power or relevance of the incoming links if the links have been broken for too long? I sold my JohninJapan website awhile back, but the travel agency that bought it preserved...
  17. johnyplex

    Proper and improper spelling of domain names?

    When you consider to choose a new domain for your blogs or websites, do you guys think the domain name and the spelling of the name that you will use for them should be considered to be an important factor?
  18. Percentage

    WTS Batch of Domain Names for sale

    Percentage submitted a new resource: Batch of Domain Names for sale - Batch of Domain Names for sale Read more about this resource...
  19. mikemartel

    Keyword-Rich Domain Names or Brand Name?

    One of the first things you should consider when selecting a new domain name, It is your website will work oriented aspect of branding or positioning appearance in search engines. For me, I will choose Keyword-Rich Domain Names to start a new website because it will help me get ROI faster while...
  20. breadmont

    How to find expired domain names that high traffic?

    Hi everyone, could you tell me any ways how to find expired domain names that high traffic and they relate to my niches? i.e I want to find domains relate to web design, wordpress to search types of domains? Thanks in advanced! Bread