domain names

  1. HomeBiz

    Do premium domain names have more opportunities for business?

    Searching some domain names to buy but some belong to premium domain names that it's bidding very high price. ($500 to $4000) Do you think premium domain names or beautiful domains, it is worth to invest. It's short, catchy and keywords match domain..etc Any advice?
  2. freds86

    Can i get money from buying and selling domain names ?

    Hi guys, is it a good way to make money from buying and selling domain names? I am thinking if buying straight from the registrar or off of people and get money from selling them to someone needs my domains thanks in advanced Fred
  3. Dmoz

    How to make money by buying and selling domain names?

    I saw more people said that they got good money from buying/selling domain names but I don't know how do they do ? Any one here has experience about that, please share any tips or ideas. Thanks in advanced!
  4. Andre

    Best place to trade domain names ?

    Hello, do you know best place to sell or buy domain names ? any suggestions ? Thanks