1. Harry P

    How to create a sticky button when scrolling browser using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

    Here is a complete file that demonstrates how to create a sticky button when scrolling the browser using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <style> .sticky-button { position: fixed; bottom: 20px; right: 20px; background-color...
  2. Xarzu

    How do I get a paypal button on one of my pages?

    So, first of all, I have a paypal account. I logged into paypal and I asked them to give me the code for a button. The problem is that after I copied the generated code into my clip board and then pasted it into my text editor, what I got was a whole lot of nothing. It has some <div> tags and...
  3. Gettingmile

    Is push button notification on your site very effective compare to pop-up?

    As Google officially declared that they will no longer rank websites with pop-ups, many websites have shifted to the push button platform. Is it very effective than the formal pop-up notifications because even me I do normally ignore any push button notification but easily opt into a pop-up...
  4. Adam Yunker

    How do you add a PayPal "Pay Now" button on your thread?

    Hey guys, Just wondering, but for the marketplace on here how do you add a "Pay Now" button on your post? So that they can pay you and it automatically delivers them the content? I heard something about upgrading to a PayPal business account, but is there any free ways of doing it...
  5. trustdnb

    Is Twitter removing share Counts for the new Tweet button?

    From Niall's post on Twitter forum here Do you realize this happening with your share counts on your blog posts? Is Twitter removing share Counts for the new Tweet button? Are there any easy methods to show the counts on my blog post?
  6. Nytshade

    Share button count has reset to zero after switching to ssl (https)

    Hey guys, I need some help with recovering my social shares. After moving to ssl, my main php script is working fine. On my wordpress blog (which is in a folder (domain.com/folder)) everything seems to be working fine except that my sharing buttons have reset count, all my social shares are...
  7. Jon Acuff

    Twitter follow or tweet button?

    Hello I have two questions about twitter marketing What is the difference between Twitter tweet and follow button? Which button I should put on my site for traffic and new visitors? Your suggestions are appreciate.
  8. edsonbuchanan

    How To Add YouTube Subscribe Button To Your Videos

    Hi Everyone, I wanted to share with you how you can add a YouTube Subscribe Button to all of your videos in just a few simple steps. Step 1: Go To My Channel and on the left hand side click on channel and then choose branding. Step 2: If you don't have a YouTube Subscribe Button, Just...
  9. TinPete

    Is donation button still working now?

    I've just surfing some websites and forums and realizing that they are adding a donation button on their site to get donations from visitors. even I can see this button on Firefox tab when opening a new window. Is anyone using this methods, please let me know it's still working well now?
  10. Unify

    Social Media Button Link Locker

    Hello WebmasterSun. This is my first post here, I just wanted to share my website here. I think some of you might like it. The concept is you hide content on a page or blog using the share buttons. For the user to be able to view the content he must either; like, tweet, or +1 the page first...
  11. Marc0

    Earning from donate button on your website?

    I recently have read that some website earn a decent just through donations! All you need is putting a donate button on your site and waiting for your visitors liking your website donate you. Anyway, I just put a PayPal donation button on the right menu of my site and am hoping to get a bit from...
  12. arronmattwills

    how to use button tag in web design process

    In general we will use button tag in web design forms To submit forms. We can give anchor links to a button with java script. Is there any other uses of button in your experience?
  13. iisbetoq

    What's New Button

    I'm sorry if my mistake, but i was searching on all section in this forums but i not see Whats New Button. Can i know where is whats new button or whats new link ? I think Whats New Link can help to find new post of thread. Best Regards
  14. Marc0

    how to submit form without a submit button in PHP ?

    I am using DHTMLXslider in a form and I want form to submit slider value to php file whenever slider value change. I tried using onchange and onclick event but it doesn't work. Here is my code. Is there any solution? <form method="POST" target="content" action="here.php" id="myform"> <input...