1. Cheerag Nundlall

    What are some best practices for managing and maintaining web servers?

    Hey there, web server management is critical to maintaining website performance and uptime. But with so many moving parts, it can be challenging to know the best practices for keeping everything running smoothly. So, let's share our top tips and strategies for managing and maintaining web...
  2. HostColor

    Do you ask web host what kind of infrastructure do they use?

    This is a question to website owners, but I guess that providers' representatives can also join. The question is: When some providers claim to offer you any web hosting service advertised as "The Best", "Top" or though any other superlative, do you ask them what kind of underlying serves and...
  3. pizzalover

    Security questions you Should ask your hosting provider?

    I know that when you are hiring a hosting provider you should ask them essential questions that they need to answer you. For example, What are their security policies? You need to ask them this question because you need to know what they would do to prevent attacks and malware, How they handle...
  4. pizzalover

    What are the top questions we need to ask to a web host?

    I don't know what are the principals or most important questions we need to ask to a web host. I know that we should ask about the reliability of their network, How long have been in this business, and what experience their technicians and leaders have. But, what else I should ask to...
  5. Maria_C

    Questions to ask your hosting provider?

    The following are some questions to ask your hosting provider. Let me know if you have ever consider some of them. 1. How are package upgrades handled? 2. Are there discounts for paying ahead. 3. Are there setup fees 4. Are there charges if one exceed allocated bandwidth. 5. How do they...
  6. Gonzalo

    Do you ask for upfront payments?

    Do you ever ask for upfront payments when you're requested a hosting service by a new client? You can discuss things through chat, emails or whatever tools your website has, but with a totally new client who you've never known them before, there's always a risk of fraud. So, simply put. Do you...
  7. Hawker

    Do You Ask Your Buyers How They Found Your Site? [WooCommerce]

    Hello all. When you get a sale on your site. Do you ask the buyer how they found your site? I'm using WooCommerce for my site and sales are picking up. I just need some simple way to ask them how they found the site on the checkout page perhaps. A simple drop down selector would do it...
  8. PTTed

    How To Ask A Question On Web Hosting Forum!

    Asking your question properly will ensure that you get much more useful/helpful replies and suggestions from our members. When posting a question on the forum, please note the following: Please Make Your Question Specific Enough The more specific your question is, the more helpful the...
  9. Hyuga

    WTS AskEngine - Ask & Answer Social Network System

    Hyuga submitted a new resource: AskEngine - Ask & Answer Social Network System - AskEngine - Ask & Answer Social Network System Read more about this resource...
  10. Danlucy

    What should you ask a writer before hiring?

    When I have a private message from a writer, I used to ask "what articles have you written before?" What about you? What are some other questions to ask? and why?
  11. Hyuga

    Please review - Ask & Answer!

    Hello, What do you believe about ? This website is a "Questions & Answer" social network format and was launched on May 2014. I'm waiting for your reviews. Thank you :)
  12. Laviskajoermoy

    Is it Really Necessary to Ask a Designer

    How much it is necessary to ask a designer that who will use the website.. Does it necessary to make it more specific and simple for web designer? please suggest....
  13. O

    Freelance Writers: Do you often ask for upfront payments?

    I've been a freelance writer for more than a year and I could say that I've already had my ups and downs in the field. What makes me curious is the fact that a lot of writers are willing to work for a client without asking for upfront payment. I, for one, do that and it's full of risks. That's...