1. David Beroff

    Has anyone had success with voice to text writing instead of typing out your blog posts?

    Do you use voice to text writing for blog posts? I saw some apps or software for this If you used, do you have more success with them? I believe speaking is faster than typing and one can get more done with it. I like writing my own blog posts but typing is taking too long. I've explored...
  2. Danlucy

    Do you think the article writing niche is saturated?

    I get an idea today to start an article writers marketplace. Basically a place where writers offer their writing services or offers from my team. what do you think? is there too much authority competition in this niche? Can you recommend me a similar niche if you didn't think this is a good idea?
  3. Steve32

    What are your writing goals?

    I want to publish 250 articles for my blog that will generate traffic and income, even when I'm not online. What goals have you set for yourself with writing?
  4. aceofadsense

    Good tips for writing better content?

    I need some help creating better content, such as generating ideas, formatting and other content creation matters. What are your best tips?
  5. Danlucy

    Is blogging like writing for a eBook or much easier?

    Are you a blogger and do you agree that doing blogging like writing for a eBook or much easier? Any comments?
  6. yunarel

    Best methods to advertise an article writing site?

    My team is going to launched a new article writing site this week and we were looking for paid and free methods to advertise it. I've tried banner ads on high traffic sites but also need to mix methods to have the best results. Any ideas?
  7. A

    WTS Professional native english content writing at affordable prices.

    arrow11 submitted a new resource: Professional native english content writing at affordable prices. - Professional native english content writing at affordable prices. Read more about this resource...
  8. terrellbrewer

    SEO Tools for writing better content?

    Hey guys! I'm wondering if you used any SEO tools in order to write better content? I mean, other than Google trends and Google keyword suggestion tool. Do you give me any shares?
  9. Content by Rhonda

    Newsletter advice please

    I am about to launch a paid newsletter for writers who aren't making what they want from their writing or people that want to make a living writing. I of course understand already about getting the landing pages, etc. Here is my dilima. I have thought of two ways to go about this and maybe...
  10. yunarel

    Writing a simple PHP CAPTCHA Code

    Hi guys, I'm using php for my website and I'm wondering if are there any ways to write a simple PHP CAPTCHA Code to stop spam bots Could some one please suggest any ways? or should I integrated popular Captcha code like Google captcha on my site? Thanks in advanced.
  11. basicblogtalk

    The Better SEO Writing Tips for Better Blog's Content

    Hey, I just wrote an article about SEO writing tips. It focus on writing techniques which to make the both search engines and readers love your article. Well, we work for human but we have care about robot. It was really complicated work for us, so I have share some techniques which I always use...
  12. technogupshup

    Get backlink from article writing

    I am searching for create backlink. At that time i saw one article regarding create backlink by using article submission. I am very interested to follow that steps. I like to know list of do-follow article submission directory who approve article very fast.
  13. Anna

    Tips for best web writing

    Web content is the reason that people come to your Web pages. And if there are designs and interactivity but you don't supply your web page with high-quality content they will leave. So there are small tips for writing persuasive Web Content that I would like to share with you: 1) The first one...
  14. Fredrick

    If you are good at writing you can make money online...

    If you are looking to make money online this is the best option for you to earn income as an article writer.. Do you know you can earn money just for writing articles which are unique and rich in info.. it is popular that Content is the King and if you can generate such content you can earn...
  15. mark

    Which one is better content writing or video marketing

    Hey folks I wanted to know that content writing is better for online marketing or do I need to add a video to turn maximum traffic. Tell me which one is better? Thanks in advance:)
  16. madhura89

    Name some legit content writing jobs sites

    Hello webmasters Today there is a lot of scope for content writing. It is good selection for earning money through online.Let me know some important sites which offers content writing online jobs.Please if any one knows about those sites let me know. Regards Madhura
  17. tonysteve66

    How much writing a Content in Simple words Matters ?

    Hello to all Its tony again And here is a new information about how much writing a Content in simple and understandable language matters in ranking.Writing matter a lot and if want to make more and more people to read your content than it should be understandable. If you're saying something...
  18. Jovani

    Improve Writing Skills By Reading News?

    According to you, we should read news daily to improve our writing skills ? is it true or false? Did anyone do something similar and please share any feedback?
  19. stevenj

    Making Money from Writing Articles

    There is a way of making money from writing articles that has been around for some time now however it would be good to bring it up again. How these websites work is that you write articles for the website and you and the site owner take a share of the advertising profits. Going down this...
  20. Laviskajoermoy

    Writing HTML by your own is really tedious job.. what is the solution

    Hello, Writing HTML is not a tedious job, what do you think about it? I often find it boring when I need to do it. is there any easy way there? Please share your thought.