1. Julzwriter

    Professional Content Writing Service: Order Quality Content Today!

    Would you like to attract more traffic to your website, earn more affiliate commissions, generate more leads and increase your subscribers? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then you know how vital it is for you to have interesting and authoritative content on your website...
  2. NickR

    Looking for a web hosting content writer

    I'm looking for a content writer that would write content related to web hosting. This would be a paid, part-time, freelance job. Please send me examples of your content (if you have them) and your rate. It's more important that you have experience with web hosting rather than professional...
  3. macfais

    Things to Consider When Hiring a Content Writer

    Hello Guys. I am planning to hire a writer for my website. I will pay the writer. However, I have this questions in my mind: 1. Do I have the full rights on the content wrote by the writer I hired? 2. Do I need to acknowledge the writer? Just clarifying if there some rules regarding this...
  4. Chris Worner

    Do you hire a writer or write your own content for your hosting site?

    The cost to hire a writer can be a lot, if you want original content, not just spun articles. When you want a blog article or new content for your hosting, do you hire it done or write for yourself?
  5. Maxoq

    Have you ever had a bad experience with a content writer?

    Have you ever had a bad experience when you hired a writer to write content for your blogs or websites? For instance, the content they created for you turned out to be plagiarized? I've hired some writers before and for some writers, I had to require them to fix and edit paragraphs because it...
  6. Gustav

    What are the points to become a successful content writer?

    In your point of view, what are the points to become a successful content writer? Working daily on articles, site content, press release and others? or hear from customers' feedback and improve your skills accordingly.
  7. Danlucy

    What should you ask a writer before hiring?

    When I have a private message from a writer, I used to ask "what articles have you written before?" What about you? What are some other questions to ask? and why?
  8. Carl0251

    WTS Native UK Writer - Content that SELLS!

    Carl0251 submitted a new resource: Native UK Writer - Content that SELLS! - Native UK Writer - Content that SELLS! Read more about this resource...
  9. Dopani

    How to know a Writer is good or not?

    I'm going to hire some writers write articles for me. I thought will find them via forums, fiverr or freelancer but how to know quality articles that they can provide me are good or not, also know them as good writers? Any advice :)
  10. NaturalWriter

    As a buyer, what are things you look for in an article writer?

    Greetings to you, fellow members and staff! When you are considering hiring someone to write website content, articles, reviews, etc, what do you look for? Are there specific requirements that you automatically look for? Is there anything you would let slide? Are you a flexible buyer, or do you...
  11. madhura89

    How can become good writer?

    Since childhood I have dream of becoming good writer.I have written poems and articles and I have not satisfied with these writings. How can I develop good writing skills? Any one give me suggestions to become good writer?
  12. sunnyboy

    My new finance blog. Hired a content writer from freelancer!

    Hello, I would like to hear your review on my finance blog: www.dsebdblog.org, I have hired a guy from freelancer for article writing on this blog, Please review about layout, design, site template, navigation, etc. Thanks.
  13. S

    WTS Skilled and Trained Content Writer Looking for Long term Association !!

    Iam very interested to hire you for long term. Do you also write for ezine articles ? Can i pay you after work done so i can see quality of your article once Regards starcaller