1. E

    The 7 Pillars of Bulk SMS Marketing Success

    Despite the fact that mass SMS advertising is genuinely new, the standards of showcasing remain constant for it. There is no enchantment to it. On the off chance that you do the correct things you'll succeed, on the off chance that you do an inappropriate things, you won't see the outcomes you...
  2. Joe S.

    SMS vs. Mobile Apps, which one I shoud choose?

    Please give me any comparison between SMS and Mobile Apps, which is better for mobile marketing? your opinion is appreciated :)
  3. M

    Adwords vs SMS Campaign vs Email Marketing

    I started campaign for my client. I need to target particular area in the city. My campaign is going well. but, the business to my customer is low. Now, I am thinking of starting E-mail or SMS marketing. Can anyone suggest which one helpful?
  4. Marc0

    Is Mobile apps better than SMS?

    Hi everyone, in your point of view, is Mobile apps better than SMS? if yes/no, any shares your reasons why?
  5. Marc0

    What software is required order to start a SMS mobile marketing?

    I need to know the software required to start text marketing, allowing companies to contact their customer databases via text through our system. There are many softwares in the marketing. Any one have idea?
  6. DavidLux

    What to do if you have 99,000,000 SMS phone numbers?

    Hello, Can I know your opinion, what you will do if you have 99,000,000 SMS phone numbers? how to marketing or making money from it ? Any share ideas ?
  7. Marc0

    How we can Leverage SMS Marketing?

    Hi Friends Can you suggest me step by step how we can Leverage SMS Marketing Targate?
  8. Jackony

    How to Integrate SMS into Your Website ?

    Hi friends, Do you know some ways to Integrate SMS into Your Website ? What do I need to do that ? According to me, it's a good way to make money online from SMS Any shares
  9. RobertClive

    Should SMS in SMS marketing be very short?

    Hi all How would you rate this SMS, which is used for sms advertising? Example: "Dream Sale of Apparels at X X, Visit Now"
  10. Cameron

    SMS marketing

    SMS marketing is remarkably effective and has the greatest possibility for being read, as the majority of messages are read within several minutes of being sent.
  11. H

    SMS component to Joomla

    I need sms component for Joomla to send automatic sms to my website users in case of each login. They will get a registration code on their phone that they need to enter at website login. I found an OzekiSMS module to joomla ([/url] ... e-134.html) which will be...
  12. SEO

    SMS, simple but not simple !!

    SMS, one also think simple message, all! But on SMS marketing? Have you ever received a text message from a number of sim (+212XXXXXXX) send lots ad, music - video - game? Or led by a certain 8xxx bank announced today have anything new program, then have you ever received a message that "sender"...
  13. SEO

    What is SMS Based Mobile advertising ?

    Hi everyone, What is SMS Based Mobile advertising ? and why do we use it ? any thoughts ?
  14. vinpay

    Do you prefer SMS or Phone for friends ?

    Hi there, Do you prefer SMS or Phone for friends ? I prefer phone to SMS for friends because it's fast way to send my information to friends
  15. DavidLux

    SMS marketing vs. Email marketing

    SMS marketing and Email marketing is 2 mothods help enterprises to interact with customers quickly, efficiently and cost savings. SMS marketing Send personalized SMS (with client name, gift voucher code ...). Manage customer lists & results of the SMS send. Supports sending SMS to the...