graphic design

  1. shivambhatele

    Looking for Graphic Design Book

    Hello Everyone, I am looking for a graphic design book to grow my skills in designing. I have checked on google to find graphic design books and found some author's books but I am confused about which one is better. Can anyone know the best book for a beginner point?
  2. Marc0

    Is it worth it to start a graphic design business online?

    Hi, Are you guys in graphic design field? what do you think it is worth it to start a graphic design business online? I want to learn graphic design because I saw this service are popular on fiverr, seoclerks and other graphic marketplaces...etc..where they are earning good money, right?
  3. DavidLux

    Web Design .vs Graphic Design?

    Hello, If you can choose 1 from 2 fields Web design and Graphic design then which one you will select for your job ? of course, on aspects like salary, your hobby...etc can you share some thoughts ?
  4. Marc0

    What is the best way to start up Freelance graphic design ?

    Hello, I went to learn for Graphic Design a few years ago, and have been getting small actions to break into the market. It's difficult to discover a place start for a developer in my place and want to try and freelance on the side, and maybe even make it fulltime. What is the best way to...
  5. Marc0

    What kept you in Graphic Design?

    Hello, Many of us know, and have been requested, how we got into design but how many of you know why you're still in it? I'd also like to discuss about how near individuals think they were to going down a absolutely different path in life. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  6. Marc0

    Suggest books for Graphic Design

    Hi guys, I'm Aspiring to be a graphic designer. Looking forward to enhance my skills in graphic design. Though there are goods sites on the internet, I feel I could get a more systematic and orderly Slearning using books. Can you suggest of a good book for graphic design? Thanks in advance.
  7. Marc0

    Tips for designing an effective web banner

    Hello people, When you open a webpage, it's almost always the banner that gets your attention first. Since this is the case, we all have to agree that banners are essential part of a webpage. They give the first impression to the visitors. So designing banners has to be taken a little more...
  8. Marc0

    Any Helpful tips and tricks for Photoshop

    Hi guys, Since Photoshop is the most widely used graphic design tool, then I think it's practical to learn the use of this software. However this software is a little to complicated for beginners. But I realize that learning should be a little easier and would save a lot of time if one gets...
  9. RobertClive

    What would I need to know about Graphic Design?

    Hi People What should I know, if I am looking forward to launch a Graphic Design Forum :) ?
  10. Marc0

    How can I increase clients for Graphic Design service?

    Hello, How can I increase clients for Graphic Design service? I make advertising on some social networking sites but no more efficient can anyone share some suggestions ?